2 Rear rack
4 Rear rack and hard-sided case to assist in grocery (and other) getting.
8 I have added a Dial-a-Jet Carb mod and air box opening, changed to a 115 main jet
10 I don't have any specific plans aside from preserving economical MPG efficiency, as I use my bike for daily transportation.
15 Better rear hub, thicker spokes and rear disc brake conversion.
17 kick start, Excel rear rim and SS spokes
28 TM33 carb
30 paint
35 foldable mirrors, kick starter kit arrived but not installed yet.
48 rear fender and brake light
56 MPH speedo from DT125R fitted, uprated headlamp with glass unit from Yamaha WR 450 and fitted yellow halgoen bulb for better visibility by other road users. Fit stainless bolts where poss.Uprated front caliper with twin piston unit from Yamaha TW200.
58 Extra lights respray
60 rear rack
61 kickstart kit happy trails rack
63 Front Fender
69 Scott Steering Damper, turn signal beeper, luggage rack.
73 Racetech fork valves, weight reduction, small mirror, maybe down the road a bigbore conversion
86 air filter
87 Foot Pegs
91 Graphics
93 Tool kit tube Rear rack
97 Tail rack, plus a way to carry panniers for camping. Tank bag.
100 Acerbis Headlamp and Trail tech endurance computer
107 I have added racks (custom) for soft panniers and a pro billet rack for an extended camping trip to northern Manitoba this summer '06.
109 footpegs
112 reserver tank,
113 load load rack already installed . it works good
118 Luggage.
122 rear rack
124 Add kickstart
128 faster
132 TM33 Carb; progressive rate springs.
139 Added a small digital tach, but it really isn't accurate enough to be worth while.
143 See last question
145 rear rack
159 Trail Rack
173 Don't have plans to upgrade anymore. The ones I checked off are the ones I've already done...including a rear rack that I built. Had a 16 tooth sprocket on the front and have since put the 15 back on.
175 o
176 rack
185 "Alein" cargo rack
192 Rear Rack
195 larger foot pegs
196 mirrors
202 Rear disc
205 better intake/ignition system
206 removed snorkel after market air filter jetting exhaust removed passenger pegs and hand holds removed tool box cut down licence plate rack and modified replace all screws with allen bolts cut venting in front sproket cover for easier cleaning
209 port the head
213 big bore kit