Carb Source:

The TM33-8012 is available from SUDCO at The price of this carb is $309 + S/H and it's a good idea to place the order on the phone as they will jet the carb for you. They were nice to talk with, knowledgeable and shipped promptly from stock. As mentioned in the detailed write up, the carb's throttle cable clamp bracket will need to be modified. Otherwise the carb will fit fine as supplied from SUDCO. An exploded view with annotations can be found at The lines through some part annotations mean no stock. Mikuni's web site also has some useful information about carbs.


The TM33-8012 carb I purchased was factory jetted for a 250cc engine. The factory jetting seems to be working out fine for the 223cc XT225 engine. For those wishing to rejet or verify jetting of another TM33-8012 carb please refer to the information below:

127.5 - Main jet
37.5 - Pilot jet
640P8 - Needle jet
5FP96 - Jet needle
1.5 - Slide
.7 - Air jet