Better XT225 Pegs For Off-Road Riding
(By Tracy Hansen -10/15/05)


As I have gained in technical off-road riding skills, I have learned to ride standing up on the foot pegs which means the possibility of extended periods standing on those cotton-pickin', substandard, shriveled up, foot crampin' pegs. Even my grandson's TTR125L has larger foot pegs. It just ain't right. So on my list of mods was to fix the problem (at least as I see it).

I had been keeping a close watch on eBay for some used foot pegs that might offer the basics for the solution. A couple of weeks ago I found a nice pair of pegs offered on eBay from a 93-95 YZ125/250. For some reason hardly anyone bid on the pegs and I won the auction for $23.80 including shipping.

When the pegs arrived a few days later they exceeded my expectation. As you can see in Figure 1, the new pegs (left riding side shown in the photo) are considerably larger than the stock XT pegs, actually about 1/2" wider and about 1" longer. The good fortune is that the YZ peg for the left riding side fits with minimal alteration. I only had to drill the pin hole larger in the XT receiver bracket and do a slight bit of grinding with an angle grinder on the YZ peg and the top part of the XT receiver bracket so it would swivel freely and then it fit perfectly. See Figure 2 for the left riding side installed. Counting a coat of black paint, the left side was installed in about 15 minutes.

The right side required cutting and welding. My son-in-law did this for me in about 30 minutes. The XT right riding side receiver bracket is a unique design and I didn't want to alter the bracket. Basically, as you can see in Figure 3, we cut the YZ peg so that it would wrap around the XT peg and welded it into place, reinforced with some 1/4" rod. There could be other ways to accomplish the same end result. The solution was easy and clean. The peg reinstalled without a problem.

Figure 1
Comparison of XT225 and YZ pegs for left riding side of bike. Width gain over stock pegs is about 1/2" and length gain is about 1"

Figure 2
Left riding side of XT225 showing wider/longer YZ peg installed with minimal alteration.

Figure 3
Right riding side of XT225 showing wider/longer YZ peg installed. This side required more alterations. YZ peg was flush layered over existing XT225 peg along with an embedded 1/4" reinforcement bar to improve strength. All parts were then welded in place.

The new pegs are perfect; just what I wanted and for less than $24. Let me tell you first hand, they feel great and safety was not compromised. That's a win/win.