Hello everyone!

I have now rebuilt my 1992 xt225 and it's running like a dream. Naturally, I have started looking into accessories to make this bike more distance friendly. The first thing I noticed is how expensive accessories can be on a motorcycle, which is a bummer considering I only paid 450$ for the bike.

I'm hoping to start a topic where people can share how they kept to a TIGHT BUDGET, finding cheap buys and fabricating home-made stuff. The Serow is meant to be a COST-EFFICIENT bike so let's share some COST-EFFICIENT mods and accessories.

I'll start things off by showing the windscreen that I just recently made. The glass was just a 2 foot square piece from Home Depot. I was able to make strait cuts with a box cutter. Once I had the desired shape and size cut out, I rounded the corners using a bench grinder. I didnt want the complexity or cost of building a handle bar mount, so I bolted it directly to the front cowling. Due to the angle of the cowling being too steep, I used a pair of rubber door stoppers from Walmart to recess the sheet and the angle achieved was pretty much right on.

I didnt want a giant windsheild, just something to keep the wind off my chest. I wanted a certain look and I knew the little plastic cowling would never withstand a large windscreen anyways. This one ended up being 15 inches from top to bottom for that ADV look I was hoping for and I am pleased with how well it works. At 100 kph, I feel the wind hit me right around my chin and shoulders and my full face mask protects my good looks haha. At that speed, I previously felt like I was being pushed right off the back of the bike, so for a grand total of about 30$, this is a pretty good upgrade!

If I am to improve it, I will add some cone-shaped neoprene washers to the front in order for the bolts to sit better on the hard clear sheet.

Other cost efficient accessories I have added is the Coleman ATV seat cover (20$) and I also have a rear luggage rack (0$, a father's day gift from the wife lol). I am hoping to use the rack as a base to add a cargo box and some panniers. Has anyone here built some or bought some cheap? Does anyone have any mods or accessories they achieved on a low budget? Other windscreens, hand-guards, cargo boxes, fender luggage, passenger seat or backrest, panniers, device holders, power outlets......lets share our ideas!

Keep it simple