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..a bill has been introduced in the United States Congress, HB 5204, entitled The Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Modernization Act of 2014, which will allow fees to be collected for most of the "public land" that is controlled by the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. If the bill passes, it would allow the Federal Government to charge fees for any activity on land that we presently have access to for free. Fees could include a permit fee, day use fee, or a special use fee. There is the possibility that the bill could be attached to an appropriation bill, which would allow the bill to pass without public comment or debate..

govtrack.us: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/113/hr5204 allows us to stay current with the progress of this bill and provides links by which your congressman or congresswoman may be reached for comment. At the moment the bill is given a 7% chance of actually passing - but that's no guarantee given how sneaky government can be in such matters.

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..in my lifetime, I've never seen a more invasive government that is completely detached from the people it's supposed to serve..


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