If your test with the spray doesn't show any cracks that are all the way through, and no leaks at the hose clamps.

Then next, we want to check for overly rich:

Thoroughly warm up the bike. Re-test it; apparently it is showing that it will not do full revs in 4th or 5th gear.

Now, pull off the side cover and remove the 3 screws holding the air-box cover on (don't remove the air-cleaner)...after removing the air-box cover, put the side cover back on, and immediately while the engine is hot, do the same test again: Full throttle in 4th or 5th.
Does it rev higher with less stumbling, or act the same way or worse?

If the first result, we've proven it's too rich. If the second, it's not...and/or running lean.

Do all this with 100% throttle...you can also get up to 30 MPH in 6th, and open it fully up for 10 or so seconds from that point, as a similar test.

By the way, you do have a new spark-plug in it...right?


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