Sure. I picked up the bike non-running from the orig owner. First problem was a stuck neenle valve allowing no fuel into the float bowl. Fixed that and could get it to run only fully choked and even then not very well. Drained the old fuel and put a can if seafoam in the tank. Ran it till the seafoam got fully into the system and would not allow the bike to run any longer. Let it soak for 24 hours and drained the seafoam and replaced with new non-ethanol gas. Little to no improvement at this point. Pulled the carb and drilled the tamper plug out. Adjusted the pilot mix screw to three turns out. Also removed the pilot jet and ran a tip cleaner through it and gave it all another good spray with carb cleaner. Reassembled and started the bike. Now running much better, I took it for a short ride. Returned home to find the bike had warmed up nicely but the warm idle was now way too high. Exhaust pipe was glowing red hot when I got home. I lowered the idle and it now starts andidles well but still has a miss and poor power in higher gears. Also, the intake tube(or whatever it's called) between the carb and the jug looks badly cracked and probably needs to be replaced. Is this common?

Old Berzerker