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One thing that will help on stripping phillips screws on Japanese bikes and other equipment would be to get a set of JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) screw drivers. Japanese phillips are not the same as our phillips and that is why they strip so easily. I removed my bowl screws last week on my 2005 xt225 no problem. Just do an Amazon search for jis screwdriver. Regards, Tom

That's interesting to know! A while back I was removing "secondary throttle plates (butterflies)" on my Yamaha FZ-1, as part of a performance modification. The word was out that only a specific brand of #2 Philips screwdriver had the best chance of not stripping the screw heads...something we REALLY didn't want to happen on the bike. It was an American brand though...

By the way, we heated the heads with a 100W soldering iron prior to loosening...to soften the loctite glue that the factory used in original assembly.


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