On or about March 31, 2011 signature lengths will be set to 130 chars. I'm asking folks to please develop them using horizontal space first then include a second line as required. Please limit signatures to no more than two lines! Use only a single URL (hyperlink) with no photos. This will affect only a small number of members.

More information about signatures is HERE.

A special area has been created for you to include detailed information about your XT, other bikes, riding style, pictures, personal, etc. That is in the new board category entitled: Bike Biographies & Riders Revealed A sticky post is there with more information. You can include a link there in your signature and/or include a URL in your homepage field within your profile. This allows readers to request the expanded information by request.

Please note: The new category is private, meaning it's visible only by registered members. Those concerned about security and privacy issues need not include anything of a personal nature. The emphasis with the new category is bike information. Going further is optional. General board rules apply to all posting activity in this new category.

Please take a minute to review your signature and adjust it to meet the new signature guidelines. Take advantage of the new category forums if you like. Many thanks in advance for your kind attention to this small housekeeping task.

Update 12/9/2012 - Signatures out of compliance with be trimmed and/or deleted.

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