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Please note all IP addresses are checked against locations reported during the registration process. Inconsistencies may lead to registration delays or deletions. Also provide your bike model and year information. If you are looking for or considering an XT simply say "looking". Some mobile based services report funky locations or none at all. ISPs may report locations other than where you may be connected. Please keep this information in mind when you are registering. HTML, links and general board access are disabled prior to new members obtaining USER permission. You will see "Access Denied" if you try to post outside the New Member/Owner Welcome Area prior to Admin assigning you USER permission. Please access the board as a visitor for complete read-only viewing. The goal here is to maintain appropriate content. Making sure registrations are from real XT bike owners with genuine intentions is in the best interest of the board and the community it serves. No one wants spam, instigators, vandals, freeloaders, hackers, threats or attacks on the board. Thanks in advance for your kind understanding.