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Re: Sidecar [Re: flyinhawaiian968] #154954 04/23/24 05:43 AM
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Rocky Baker Offline OP
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Originally Posted by Az4x4

Originally Posted by Rocky Baker
It wasn’t your comment, deserteagle, it was AZ 4x4. I even quoted his words lol.

Rocky, ..gotta admit that I'm not at all sure what "cobble together" means in Ontario. If it's a pejorative term, I'm not aware of that and I'm sorry you took it that way.

Here in the Southwestern U.S., Arizona in my case, for those of us who grew up on remote ranches and farms and learned to "cobble together" what we needed out of what we had on hand, it simply means that you "put your thinking cap on" and "get 'er done!," "put down" of any sort intended or implied!

In fact I admire your interest and desire to rig up something that might work as a sidecar for your XT. But with my "thinking cap" in place and fully engaged, it's tough to imagine a sidecar of any sort, "cobbled together" or store bought, that would turn an XT225 into something that one could confidently ride around with one's own children aboard given the light weight and limited power the XT has.

What you decide is up to you of course. And I'm more than willing to be impressed if you do come up with some sort of sidecar that that's both safe and effective, in that it improves on the "purpose built" capabilities Yamaha gave us with the XT225, a bike we all love and gratefully ride pretty much anywhere we want to go, especially in rural off road areas where so many of us live!..

The best to you always, Rocky!

Originally Posted by flyinhawaiian968
Well, I'll comment on it, I think you'll find it is impossible to safely fit a sidecar to a "dirt bike". Not physically, because anyone can bolt a kit onto a bike and have a sidecar, but mechanically it will not work. If you do, plan on replacing your suspension with something that does not flex like a dirt bike, that alone changes the geometry of your alignment with the sidecar installed, and this would make it incredibly unstable even at 10mph! Its like having toe-in changing on a car as you drive!!!

Furthermore, the XT225/250 bikes were not meant to have much more weight added to the frame, and a sidecar will put an insane amount of sideload onto the lightweight frame the XT has! There's a reason why most sidecars added to motorcycles are put on heavier, older and much larger motorcycles, and never installed on a dirt bike!

Let's be honest here, the XT225/250 is nothing more than a 250 4-stroke dirt bike that's had its suspension tamed down and lighting installed for legal purposes. It doesn't do dirt bike things nearly as well as a true dirt bike, nor does it do street bike things nearly as well as a street bike, its really a compromise between the two, and it does excellent as such, but bolting a 200lb sidecar to a low-powered, light-braking XT is not going to end well, no matter what you do to it.

Read up on some of the sidecar forums, you'll find that most everyone will tell you this is just a bad idea. The minimum that most agree upon is that the bike weight, the rider's weight, and the weight of a sidecar should not exceed the motorcycle's intended weight allowance, and its also agreed that the motorcycle should at the very minimum have 50hp to comfortably handle the extra weight of everything, including passengers. The XT is lucky to have 23hp when new! Add to the fact that an older XT still uses a drum rear brake and very lightweight front disc brake, you may not even be able to comfortably stop the whole thing in an emergency!

But hey! You do you! Like buttholes, everyone has an opinion, and mine is its just silly to slap 200lbs of metal and wood onto an already underpowered dirt bike and expect it to be fun. If you just plan to putt around your yard with it, then go for it! If you plan to ride it anywhere above 20mph, I'd seriously think about a different platform than an XT.

And, here's some links for you to read up on sidecars, but the first thing every single site will say is this: "In general terms, the sidecar should weigh approximately 30% of the naked motorcycle." Unless you can build your sidecar under 80lbs, it will be a disaster waiting to happen.

Thanks for the input.
My plan is to build a leaner-car, so there will be no side load at all, only a lateral pull. The bike’s suspensions will also hold a very small portion of the sidecar’s weight this way, and I’ll also be able to ride it instead of “driving” it like others mentionned. People ride with leaner cars on 50cc scooters so I don’t see why the XT couldn’t pull one.

As for your comments on sidecars being impossible on a dirt bike, there are literally side-car motocross races, including huge jumps and everything as seen here:

And no, I don’t plan on getting on the freeway with this thing…we don’t even have a freeway within 500km of here. There’s also no reason for the sidecar to weigh 200lbs like you suggested.

Some kids around here ride their dirt bikes to school, snowmobiles in winter. The scary traffic that seems to worry some people here is really a non-issue. Nobody is going anywhere fast lol

Keep it simple
Re: Sidecar [Re: Rocky Baker] #154957 04/24/24 03:53 PM
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Az4x4 Offline
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Platinum Member
Joined: Aug 2008
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Originally Posted by Rocky Baker
.....there are literally side-car motocross races, including huge jumps and everything as seen here:

Wow!!.. Of course those motocross bikes are heavier and have a lot more horsepower than an XT225, but nevertheless that's impressive!!

Keep us in the loop, Rocky, as you come up with a lightweight side car to safely ride your kids around in attached to your XT225. We're obviously interested in what you'll come up with, and wish you the best in making it happen..

..I'd rather have questions I can't answer, than answers I can't question.. Dr. Phil
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