The Linux Mint development team will release the newest version 22 of their distribution with Ubuntu's 'hardware enablement kernel' (HWE) as the default kernel, rather than an older, 'long-term support' (LTS) version of the Linux kernel, which has been Mint's default offering for a very long time.

For those in the group with an interest in Linux Mint, here's the Mint team's statement regarding their upcoming 22.x series releases:

"To prioritize stability our current 21.x releases shipped with Ubuntu LTS kernels (5.15). EDGE ISOs were made available, with HWE kernels, to bring support for new hardware. Ubuntu 22.04.x releases used HWE kernels, and version 24.04 is set to use kernel 6.8.

"During the last two years we didn't observe significant differences in terms of stability between LTS and HWE series. Both were pretty stable. However a growing number of users with new laptops and chipsets relied on EDGE images to be able to install Linux Mint. So, going forward Linux Mint 22 will follow Ubuntu and ship with a new enablement (HWE) kernel series for each new release."

The modern HWE Linux kernel, given it's incredibly rapid development pace and cutting edge advancements, has far outstripped the ability of older LTS kernels to keep up. So this is a smart move by Linux Mint, a move who's time will have come with their upcoming 22.x series Desktop OS release!..

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