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...Philosophy is always a left handed curve, I'm in.

Three are no correct answers in life, only decisions that have consequences. Each decision we make takes us down a different path. But since you can never know everything some of those paths are going to be harder...........

Good stuff, Dallas. Decisions, even those we consider of little import, move the needle on our life's compass ever so slightly or to a considerably degree, something we can't predict in advance..

From the very beginning, with our most ancient bi-pedal homo-erectus ancestors hundreds of millions of years ago to modern home-sapiens of the present day, untold trillions of 'big decisions' and forced 'collective course changes' later we find ourselves in a position on planet earth where nations and people groups either come to their senses and 'pull together' to accomplish what needs to be done for our species to survive - or we'll end up burying ourselves and each other in an angry sea of poor decisions and impactful mistakes from which we won't be able to extract ourselves.

Some suggest we're at the extinction 'tipping point' already, that with men and nations driven by powerful competing interests and a primitive 'fight or flight' nervous system ill suited to carrying through with any sort of truly impactful national or international projects that might help rescue mankind and the world we live in from the selfish shortsightedness that plagues all of us that there's little we can do except 'hang on tight and pray'..

Others say 'do your best, think positively, and trust whomever or whatever you may look to that's bigger and more powerful than yourself to 'sort all this out' one day soon, changing everything for the better including the nature of man himself..

Personally I don't see mankind somehow 'magically escaping' the consequences we're faced with in today's world by any means short of buckling down and fixing these things ourselves. And that's a scary proposition given how increasingly fractured and divergent our world becomes on every conceivable level as the years go by..

..I'd rather have questions I can't answer, than answers I can't question.. Dr. Phil