I put this clip together from our day one photos. Thought I had my ancient GoPro Hero set for video mode. Nope - it was timed delay photos. Still need up getting some good shots. Super clear photos were from our phones.

For the first day I was riding my buddy's Honda CRF250l Rally. Nice bike, a bit noisy compared to the XT225 and really needs to be up in the revs to get moving. Good acceleration once over 5,000 RPM. The XT225 has a more manageable power band.

My buddy was riding his new KTM 700 Adventure R. Gorgeous bike! Requires some serious skills to ride on the technical trails. Watch the video. Katy, the KTM took quite a few naps!

Other buddy David was on his '06 XT225. Lives around the corner from me. We try to get out on the local trails in the OC whenever our work schedule allows.

Day 2 video coming in a few days. I remembered to put GoPro in video mode. Of course the battery died.

Day 3 we just put all the cameras/phones away and rode.



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