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Solzhenitsyn said it best.. #148550 07/28/20 08:16 PM
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Az4x4 Offline OP
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We're in a time of extreme peril from marxist inspired "political correctness" and "cancel culture" forces in our midst. Combined with MSM fear mongering relative to CV-19, refusing to acquiesce and give voice to what is demanded of people is incredibly difficult -- yet at the same time absolutely necessary.

Russian author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote “The Gulag Archipelago,” covering life in the Gulag, the Soviet forced labour camp system. His narrative draws from various reports, interviews, statements, diaries, and legal documents, along with Solzhenitsyn's own experience as a Gulag prisoner. In it he describes what Soviet labor camp prisoners were faced with succinctly, and in graphic detail:

...he who is not sufficiently courageous even to defend his soul -- don’t let him be proud of his ‘progressive’ views, don’t let him boast that he is an academician or a people’s artist, merited figure, or a general -- let him say to himself: I am in the herd, and a coward. It’s all the same to me as long as I’m fed and warm.

Stand up and speak your mind, then get out and vote come November. If you respect your fellow humans of all races, for the individuals they are, don't let yourself be victimized by this marxist inspired "critical race theory" game that radical liberals and rampaging antifa progressives promote through threats, riots, protests, lawless destruction and MSM encouraged and promoted intimidation tactics.

The way to win is live your life according to the long standing constitutional values and precepts that made our country the great nation it is. Speak up for these constitutionally enshrined values and refuse to play the twisted game that fearful people are being bullied into "bending the knee" to literally, figuratively and metaphorically.

We're facing the most important election cycle of our lives, and supporting, upholding and defending our Constitution and Bill of Rights is more essential now than it has ever been.

If America, as our founding fathers envisioned it, falls, it will be because we've stood by and allowed insidious anti-American forces within our nation to dictate, by any and all means possible, the terms of our surrender to their destructive marxist ideals.

The voyage of discovery that truly matters is not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes.
Re: Solzhenitsyn said it best.. [Re: Az4x4] #148577 07/30/20 03:03 PM
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JerryH Offline
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Very well said. I agree completely.

The above is my opinion. Your mileage may vary.
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Re: Solzhenitsyn said it best.. [Re: Az4x4] #148584 07/31/20 08:43 PM
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Muniac Offline
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I'll throw my hat into the ring and agree this election is very important. Actually all of them are and that's part of the reasons this one is so important. Pantywaist governors and mayors de-funding police and allowing riots, violence and destruction to run rampant is the most ludicrous situation I've seen in my lifetime. Then they want to pass the cleanup bill to the federal government. All of this designed to disrupt the economy, run interference and hopefully remove a duly elected President. Our voting system is sacred to running a free democracy and its mechanisms are clearly laid out in the constitution. This is how we're supposed to assign and transfer power to those we feel best represent our interests. Now if the losing party doesn't like who America elected (or who the President appointed), they try to subvert the electoral process. Or attack duly appointed officials. Which basically gives the middle finger to the winning voting block or those with the power to enact appointments. Very slippery slope on this one so be careful. America affords us all a lot of freedom to include burning the flag and destroying government property. And engage in cancel culture by destroying symbols of America's history. Anyone seeing any problems with this? With freedom comes the responsibility to exercise it with wisdom, respect and sustainability. Instead I see ignorance, selfishness, destruction and greed. None of which will put American on the path to survival. If anyone thinks just because the letters USA names our country that we can't become another Venezuela, think again. It's prudent for all Americans to avoid this outcome or something resembling it.

Regarding discontentment with circumstances, one has three options. Adapt to things you can't change, remove yourself or engage in constructive behavior that leads to changing what you don't like. Our constitution provides for change and at the same time includes guard rails to avoid concerns the founding Fathers had. Such as foreign powers taking over, dictatorships and voting monopolies to name a few. The electoral college has deliberately been made difficult to change (legally). But voter fraud and mail in ballots are ways to game the system. As mentioned, it's imperative we maintain an honest and accurate voting system. People here illegally shouldn't be voting. And leave the electoral college system in place. This to avoid, CA, IL and NY from determining the outcome of our Presidential elections. I'd suggest to people that don't like living in America and want to use violence to facility change to please just leave and find a better life somewhere else. We don't need or want you. Peaceful demonstrations/protests are protected under our first amendment.

We've voting with many mail in ballots. They are either sent to the ballot processing center or dropped off in their metal box. Votes are counted with Republican, Democrat and Independent oversight. Signatures are carefully checked for accuracy and authenticity. Counts are also double checked by all parties. This to avoid dead people from voting. Pets from voting. Illegals from voting. People who don't exist from voting. And stacking of ballots. Our voting system is very accurate and honest. This is how our county handles things.

If our county is going to function as a democracy, getting accurate information to the public is essential to that process. Our educational system plays a BIG part in what's going on today or what shouldn't be going on. History being an important course of study if its taught with fair and balanced dissemination of historical facts. It shapes a student's perception of reality relative to past events and can provide important perspectives on life beyond just "me". A diet of government overreach and pop culture doesn't seem to produce functioning adults. Schools and institutions lying by omission is nothing short of complete abuse of the classroom. Using the classroom for political gains and brainwashing should be criminal. Preventing two or more opposing views disables constructive debate. And ultimately prevents the best solutions from coming forward. It's been said that those not connected with history are doomed to repeat it. Personally I hated history in grade school but as I've matured I understand its importance. My generation saluted the flag each morning in school. Pledged its allegiance and learned to respect what it stands for. Now we're concerned that this tradition might offend another culture. Embracing what I'd term complete "tincture of BS" will produce nothing of value moving forward.

Back in my day news came from more credible sources most of which embraced responsible journalism. TV news, newspapers and magazines to name a few. The National Enquirer would have been an exception. Journalism is gone now. We learned the Dewey decimal system and how to use the microfiche machine in the library. Also consulted the Encyclopedia Britannica and National Geographic magazines for information. That's how we obtained facts, figures and learned about our world. Most of these have been supplanted by the internet, blogs and social media. News is now commentary, propaganda and entertainment containing little facts. Times have understandably changed since then. The message is pick your sources carefully and find truth somewhere between the extremes. Hopefully.

The internet is both heaven and hell. I use it extensively for researching technical problems, news, shopping and keeping software up to date. It's allowed small venues to get content out to the world. This blog is an example of that. The hellish part is large power bases like Facebook, Google and Twitter can control the thoughts and lives of large groups of people. As for election interference, social media has done more damage than anything Russia could ever hope for. Social media power centers can editorialize and/or ban content by just clicking on a filtering algorithm icon. Allowing them to suppress views and ideas they feel aren't appropriate. Freedom of speech gone out the window. Much of this editorializing can be tied back to a political agenda and bias. And a vary large segment of internet advertising revenue is controlled by a small minority of CEOs. Mainstream news has become a joke with little connection to journalistic excellence. And a gullible population is eager to consume its messaging, products and believe it is reality. If you don't login, you're uninformed and if you do login you're misinformed. It leaves the reader and consumer with a spinning head. What's to be done?


Unions that protect the bad actors or incompetent employees need to rethink who and what they protect. And the damages done for overlooking dangerous behavior. Police don't need to be de-funded but engage in sensible reform of their unions. This would go a long way towards improving things. It also applies to the NEA and teachers unions.

The NEA needs to return to political neutrality and support non partisan education. Years ago the PTA was a feedback mechanism and also a watchdog agency. Haven't a clue what happened with that. Charter schools could introduce competition and offer parents a choice. And deflate some of the nonsense going on in our public schools. It would also allow teachers to educate outside the teachers union dogma. Some parents I've spoken with are so disgusted with public schools they home school their kids. With half their property taxes still going to fund a dysfunctional educational system. I've heard stories of 2nd and 3rd grade teachers telling their classes the President is an evil man. WTF! Classes on nutrition, gun safety and money management could be offered but aren't. Socials studies shouldn't focus on stenciling today's values and morals (or the lack of them) on events now 100 or 200 years old. And punishing the country at large for historical injustices. History is important so teach the complete story not just what is politically convenient. Yes America, like all countries, has a jaded past but it's also done many noble things. Using the classroom as a brainwashing device should be met with the harshest of penalties. My fondest hope is parents (if they exist) can help their kids get a better grasp on reality.

Law Enforcement:

A civilized society needs rules, laws, guardrails and an enforcement mechanism. I can't condone the willful destruction of property for any reason. Kids (or anyone) getting shot as a result of gang violence or rioting is inexcusable. We now have Operation Legend. Those engaging in destruction need to be arrested. Especially government property which was built with taxpayer dollars and/or donations. Pulling down statues of historic figures doesn't and won't change history. The cancel culture movement is completely bankrupt in this regard. If you want to add a plaque with additional factual information, I'd be fine with that to improve the educational value for anyone viewing such artwork. We as taxpayers pay police to protect us, our property and keep us safe. We need this agency. Next time you're in trouble try calling someone from BLM or Antifa and see what happens.


This is a complex matter with no easy solutions. I can say 2020 has been the most tumultuous year I've ever seen in my lifetime. Placing America at a tipping point. Education and awareness are our most effective tools righting the ship and getting back on course. My read is America is still mostly a conservative country and usually votes with its wallet. Socialism, its spinoffs and rebranding it to appear as something else have never been popular in America. I don't think they are popular now. My prediction is you'll see this mentality (common sense) emerge come Nov 3rd. And more bickering, infighting and obstruction to continue. Which is sad when there's work to be done. Speaking of which it is of paramount importance we get our unemployment numbers back down. As for the BIG 19, nature is going to win this one. Our immune system is our only defense against viral infections. It's called herd immunity with the usual fallout and fatalities. Masks, distancing and hygiene can perhaps slow the spread so hospitals can care for the sick. I'm not holding my breath for a vaccine either. It won't mean much if the virus mutates which it can do rather quickly. I hope I'm wrong. Therapeutics offer more realistic treatments I think. As for Americans, we are known as a nation of fat pigs. All those unnecessary underlying health conditions make viral infections more serious. When I see the majority of school age kids obese at some level I'd say this is the real epidemic. What ever happened to the President's Council on Physical Fitness? Instead the food industry fattens you up on the way in and BIG pharma sells you pills on the way out. Both laughing all the way to the bank. Wake up America if you want to see tomorrow as a brighter day.

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