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* Type of riding you do (on/off road mix)- 20% on road, 80% off road and dirt road
* Tire size- 2.75x21 front, 4.10x18 rear
* Tire make/model- Cheng Shin front C183, rear C755
* Price w/date- Rear $26.99 Front$17.99 Jan '10
* Where purchased (include link if available) www.denniskirk.com
* How many miles you've used the tires- 10,000+
* Indicate front and/or rear- Both
* Wet, dry, mud performance as applicable- All
* Your comments, recommendations, observations and review.
What can I say? these are GOOD CHEAP tires, and wear like iron. They work good in sand, mud, water, gravel, hard packed dirt, and pavement. They are very easy to remove and install if you have a flat in the middle of nowhere. I am on my second set, I severely damaged the first set riding over a lot of sharp rocks. Still got 5,000+ miles out of them. I have over 6,000 on my second set, and they are in good shape. I have a third set ready to go on when these finally wear out. They should last 10,000 miles if you don't seriously abuse them. I run the super thick 4mm tubes in them.
* Any other information you deem helpful- You can pay a LOT more for tires and not beat these. Obviously if you ride mostly street, you would want a more street oriented tire. Jerry.

I need to double check but I think these are what I have on mine, and found them to be amazing performers on all types of terrain, including mud (not soupy mud, never tried). I even did a creek crossing with them submerged in water, across slippery creek bottom. It is kind of ridiculous.