My ISP upgraded their SQL PHP load to 7.3. Part of which is trying to stay ahead of cyber criminals and security holes. Anyway some of the blog php code was old and using deprecated functions. Hence the errors everyone saw when trying to access the site. I had planned on doing this upgrade much earlier than this. But it got derailed with work, projects and the usual excuses I'll spare everyone.

There are a ton of new features in the new software. Some to include better mobile device support. I hope that helps a few out there. My Motorola flip phone is 15 years old so I can test anything. No immediate plans to go smart either. The company that developed and maintains this board software has been around since 1997. We started here with it in 2004. Hats off to all of that longevity. It's a good product IMHO.

So enjoy it for all its worth. Post in!

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