Over the years the internet culture has experienced a radical change in clientele. It isn't the friendly place it once was except for isolated instances. Like this board, for example. Someone painting the broad brush stroke of racism to our community is overlooking its friendly and helpful nature. In my mind that's the important part. As for wording and expressions, why not cut people some slack and lighten up a bit.

So this thread remains as history for others to read and evaluate for themselves as to what's important. If their "take away" is to focus on something negative then so be it. Each to his own. It's impossible to please everyone and no matter what you say or do someone is going to object. That's life past, present and future. I do feel sorry for anyone caught up in creating hate, carrying it and/or inferring it's present. It's a lot of overhead that could be much better applied to other more constructive things.
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