Microsoft's 'Edge' browser is slated to come to Linux sometime next year. Microsoft's new browser, replacing their unpopular in-house developed web browser, is being built on the open-source Chromium browser that Google uses as its base for its Chrome web browser.

Microsoft says their new Edge browser wonít be a simple rebuild of Chromium. They plan on being actively involved in Chromiumís open-source development, meaning that development work done for Edge could find its way into Chromium.

If that proves to be the case, even if Linux users donít install and use the new Chromium based Edge browser in great numbers, if they use Chromium itself or any of the browsers derived from Chromium, including the massively popular Google Chrome browser, they will still be impacted by Microsoft's contributions to Chromium's development work.

Will Linux users give Microsoftís new Edge browser a chance? My guess would be no, not in great numbers anyway. Linux users might install it and give it a test run out of simple curiosity, like they do with lots of programs. In the long run though time alone will tell whether Microsoft's new 'take' on Chromium for Linux with their Edge browser will be anywhere near as successful as Google Chrome or other Chromium based browsers already are.

Edge Chromium for Windows and macOS will be released on January 15, one day after all support for Windows 7 comes to an end. So far there's no set release date for Edge Chromium for Linux, only the promise that it's on its way.

Don't know anyone who's holding their breath waiting for this to happen in the Linux world..

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