Got this in an email from a friend in the Valley who just installed Linux Mint on his laptop..

"I got tired of reinstalling windows every few months because of it slowing down and becoming laggy as hell, so i took your advice and installed Linux Mint on my laptop to see what it was all about.

I had zero experience with Linux, so i followed a tutorial on Youtube and everything was simple and went fine. After setting up a few things the tutorial mentioned everything works well and i have fast WIFI and a fast internet!

I was shocked that my 6 year old laptop runs Linux Mint without any CPU or FAN noise, quiet and cool. RAM usage is insanely low too, only 20% of 8 GB used while updating!

Iím loving it so far. Linux Mint is everything you said it would be. The only thing iím concerned about is the lack of compatibility with microsoft office. I use microsoft office a lot. I donít think it works on Linux but i'll see how it goes.

If you have any advice or tips for someone just starting with Linux, iíd be thankful.

Don't get enough of these sorts of comments, so I thought I'd share them with those in the group who may be interested.

Advised my friend to open Mint's Software Manager and install WINE (Wine Is Not Emulation), the free open source *Windows Compatibility Layer* software. With Wine installed he can run lots of Windows software right on his Linux Mint desktop without emulation, including Microsoft Office, which I run myself for full compatibility purposes.

I added that if there were other Windows programs he needed to run that couldn't run in Wine, that he could install Oracle's free 'Virtualbox' software and create a Windows VM (virtual machine) in which any program he felt a need for would run without question.

Suggested that if he did this he install the latest Windows 7 'Super Lite' Release (sent him a link where it can be downloaded). Win7.SuperLite takes just minutes to install in a virtual machine, and runs every Windows program anyone might conceivably need safely in the VM hosted inside Linux Mint.

Always fun to hear people's experiences with Linux as their desktop OS! Probably sound like a Linux 'fan boy', and I guess I am -- proudly so..


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