Web browsers including Brave, Opera, and Vivaldi, based on the the same Chromium open-source project that Google Chrome uses, say they wonít disable ad-blocker extensions like the latest Google Chrome is reportedly doing.

At the end of May Google announced that the Chromium technology that Chrome ad blockers rely on would only be available for Google Chrome enterprise users, not for regular Chrome users any longer. Why they did that I have no idea. Probably made some lucrative deal with advertisers to let ads go through so normal PC users have to deal with them.

Chromium has become the standard code base for web browsers. Except for Safari and Firefox, almost all web browsers are based on open-source Chromium, including Microsoft's new version of their Edge browser.

Chromium based browsers like Brave, Opera, and Vivaldi say they won't follow Googleís lead and cripple ad-blocking for PC users. I havenít used Windows in years, so Iím not certain whether Microsoftís Chromium based Edge browser will cripple ad-blocking or not.

So far I havenít noticed any real difference in the Ad-Guard ad-blocker extension I use with Google Chrome. If ads popping up all over the place become a problem again I'll gladly move to a browser that doesnít cripple ad-blocking. I'll know soon enough..

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