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#144912 - 04/14/19 02:41 AM Heads UP: Windows Updates Causing Problems Again..
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Windows users are reporting issues after installing the April 2019 cumulative updates, with Windows 7 users particularly affected. To top it off these updates are conflicting with antivirus software like Avast and Avira. This is the latest in a series of botched updates from Microsoft, going back to October of 2018.

Microsoft has confirmed that the April 2019 cumulative update is not playing well with certain PCs. This past Tuesday, known as Patch Tuesday, Microsoft rolled out the April updates for Windows 10, 8.1, and 7 machines, and it didn't take long for the updates to cause widely reported performance issues.

Numerous users on Reddit detailed their experiences since installing the update, reporting that Windows slowed down considerably after installing this latest update, taking several minutes to reach the login screen or access the Task Manager. Others complain that Windows freezes or hangs up during the boot process, leaving them with an unusable machine.

A post on 'Microsoft Answers' echoes these complaints, admitting that after installing these updates many systems become unresponsive.

These updates also conflict with certain antivirus programs. Avast and Avira have issued statements to their customers, confirming that the updates cause problems for Windows 7 users in particular.

If you're among those using Windows, be aware of the potential for issues arising if you opt to install the April 2019 Windows cumulative update on your machine. If possible it might be advisable to delay this update until such time as Microsoft has issued fixes for the problems its latest update is responsible for..
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#144915 - 04/14/19 04:10 PM Re: Heads UP: Windows Updates Causing Problems Again.. [Re: Az4x4]
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Windows 10 updates in 2018 were a nightmare. The April update failed to complete for some users and didn’t work at all for others. It was incompatible with certain Intel and Toshiba SSDs, produced a blue screen of death with some apps and games, caused the Chrome browser to crash, and more. Some systems wouldn’t boot at all after installing a Microsoft patch intended to fix these problems.

The October 2018 update was even worse. Often it failed to initialize, then when it did initialize it crashed the system if there wasn’t enough hard drive space. Microsoft's update hadn’t bothered to check on available disk space before launching the upgrade process.

More seriously, early adopters of the October 2018 update discovered it deleted all the files in their Users>Documents directory, including their personal Word, Excel, music and photo files. Microsoft finally held back on rolling out their flawed October update when reports of the problem hit the internet. But for months beforehand, when testers brought the problem to Microsoft's attention, it did nothing at all. Problems with the October Update and its various patches spilled over well into 2019.

All the way back to 2016, Windows updates caused some systems to freeze or lose connection to the internet. Many users found their webcams no longer worked. Microsoft went so far as to automatically install an 'update' which was actually a stealth program that upgraded Windows 7 and 8 systems to Windows 10 - without the PC user’s approval.

Then, in 2017, the Windows update process failed to complete, or erroneously reported that it had failed to complete for some users. Apps disappeared, drivers broke, and Microsoft’s Edge browser failed to work properly any longer.

Windows 10 ‘security updates’ create different kinds of problem. Typically they don’t break things like ‘feature updates’ do, but they’re inconvenient and annoying because Microsoft interrupts whatever you’re doing and forces you to either schedule the update 'in the near future' or update immediately. Security updates are essential if you’re using Windows - it’s just Microsoft’s strong arm way of delivering them that’s the real problem.

Updates to operating systems break things, there’s no getting around that. The question is whether alternatives like macOS, Chrome OS, or a Linux desktop OS come with problems as frequent or as serious as Windows users are experiencing.

Macs are clearly a viable alternative for users who are comfortable in Apple’s walled off but generally safe world. Apple doesn’t update their systems very frequently, but the updates they do offer don’t come with anywhere near the degree of risk that Windows updates bring with them.

Chrome OS does its updates differently than either macOS or Windows. Instead of massive ‘feature updates’ Chrome offers smaller updates on a more frequent basis. With fewer feature updates there's less to wrong. Chrome OS pushes small feature updates every two weeks or so with larger updates showing up every few months. If a feature planned for a larger update has been fully tested and vetted, it may show up earlier as part of a regularly scheduled smaller update. On the other hand smaller Chrome OS ‘security updates’ occur as soon as they’re ready.

Chrome OS doesn’t interrupt your work flow while it’s updating. Updates take place in the background. Every time you log in to Chrome it checks to see if there’s a new security update, then installs it silently in the background if there is. Chrome uses a verified boot system that checks system files against the current Chrome OS standard whenever a Chromebook is booted up. If differences are found, a fresh copy of the operating system is quickly and silently installed.

In addition to providing the least intrusive and most trouble-free updates, Chrome, based on the modern Linux kernel, provides the most flexible out of the box operating system available anywhere. Chrome apps, Android apps, Linux apps and modern web apps all run seamlessly on the Chrome OS Pixelbook desktop. Microsoft’s Office app for Android also works well in Chrome OS. Google it appears is working to get Windows 10 ready to run in a virtual machine on its Pixelbook. If that happens it'll be interesting to see how Windows’ troublesome update system works in Chrome’s basically trouble-free environment.

Moving to a different desktop operating system is not something to take lightly. It’s kind of like relocating to a different part of the country. You may be in a better place once you’re settled in, but getting there can be a chore, the culture will be different, ways of doing things also different. There will be a learning curve!

Actually, so as not to overstate the case, moving to a new operating system is a lot easier than moving to a new home. It’s not an everything or nothing deal. You can pick up a Mac or a Chromebook, or install a modern open-source Linux OS on a spare PC, then take your time getting familiar with your new OS while continuing to use your Windows 10 PC.

A friend of mine added a Chromebook he ordered from Amazon to his home office about a year ago. The more he learns, the less time he spends with Windows 10. He still uses Windows on occasion, but Chrome OS is his go-to choice for the majority of everything he does these days.

His decision to give Chrome OS a try is reinforced when news like we have today breaks about still more problems caused by Windows flawed update system. Knowing he’ll have a fully functioning computer, even if his Windows machine chokes on some ill fated Windows update, is something he values greatly.
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#144956 - Yesterday at 03:22 PM Re: Heads UP: Windows Updates Causing Problems Again.. [Re: Az4x4]
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Registered: 08/18/08
Posts: 4163
Loc: Heber/Overgaard, AZ

Barely a week after causing Windows 10 computers to freeze up with an update, Microsoft has once again warned Windows users of serious new problems with yet another problem prone update, stating that update KB4493509 can freeze PCs while they're operating as well as booting up.

Microsoft is now admitting that update KB4493509 “may cause the system to become unresponsive upon restart after installing this update”, stating these issues are caused by ongoing conflicts with antivirus software. A large number of antivirus brands are affected.

Because of these issues Microsoft is preparing to make a U-turn, allowing users of all versions of Windows 10 to hold off making minor and major upgrades, letting them proactively block the company's buggy software. Unfortunately this change won’t take effect until May, so April marches on as a terrible month for Windows 10 users.

It has been a particularly bad 18 months for Microsoft. Some of Windows most ardent supporters openly admit that Microsoft has an ongoing “Software Quality Problem”.

2018 updates to Windows 10 alone, not even counting updates to Windows 8.1 and 7, caused serious problems for users in January, April, October and November, as well as spilling over into February 2019 - all this prior to what's being called "Awful April’.

Talk about shooting themselves in both feet - it seems Microsoft's badly flawed Windows updates are the "smoking gun" in this ongoing saga of a deeply troubled OS. There's much better ways of doing things as far as individual PC users are concerned - but deciding to switch to a far more trouble free operating system isn't easy for most people, so for the sake of such folk Microsoft needs to get their act together - in a hurry. Windows history tells us that's a tall order given the built in issues that massively complicated OS comes with..
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