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#143922 - 01/06/19 07:08 PM Impulse Buying: My 2 cents worth!..
Az4x4 Offline
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When, for example, a new model smartphone is released it’s ability to move people to purchase is at its highest during its initial appearance. The software it runs has been optimized, hardware updated, and everything by all reports runs well. As time goes on however, with newer versions of its operating system rolling out and more and more demands put on the phone, it suffers performance loss.

One online reviewer commented: “Upgraded to an iPhone X from a three year old iPhone 6 Plus. For the last year, especially the last three months, my old iPhone struggled to perform simple tasks like launching the camera, fetching email, even basic typing. People who recently had the misfortune of asking to use my old phone for a moment told me, ‘Your phone sucks.’ ”

Some argue that three years is an unrealistically long time to expect a smartphone to keep up with the rapidly changing demands put on these devices. Personally I think things like phones and computers should last at least 5 years and longer, if for no other reason than conscientious users shouldn’t be throwing these things away to move to the latest and greatest as quickly as people do these days.

Apple, for example, knows that if you give people an hour, or at the most 24 hours to review a device, they'll still be in the honeymoon phase with that product, coming up with reasons to spend $1000 plus for a new phone - or any other big ticket item one might have in mind for that matter.

Choice supportive bias is real. All of us experience it. No matter what grabs our attention, be it a disposable device like a smart phone or a computer, or a major purchase item like a house or an automobile, during the honeymoon period flaws aren’t as apparent as they will be later on. Long term flaws that show up later in specific situations aren’t taken into account. The honeymoon period with any new product makes it look more appealing than it really is.

New wears off. The honeymoon ends. Infatuation turns to second thoughts, often in company with regret. “Buyers remorse” sets in. “If only I’d spent more time making up my mind about purchasing this item I’d be happier with myself today. It’s really not what they (whoever ‘they’ may be) told me it would be. Now I’m stuck with it.”

As the old saying goes, “we’re too soon old and too late smart.” When that happens it sucks!

Most of us, in a more experienced group like we have here, long ago learned our lessons and now find ourselves avoiding impulse buying like the plague. We know the biggest “bang for our buck” isn’t in purchasing new stuff, but in keeping our ear to the ground and finding absolute bargains in gently used products like the older XT’s and other bargain priced motorcycles those in our group have lucked into over the years.

The secret is not to be in a rush. Retailers depend on special promotions, choice supportive bias and impulse buying to move otherwise questionable products. Don't fall for that. Ask yourself, “Do I really need this item? Will it make my life easier or better in some way if I buy it? Can I truly afford it? And if I don’t buy it will the things in life that actually matter really be any different?”

Then turn around, walk away, and think it over carefully.

Google search will show you real world reviews by people who already own the product in question and have a variety of viewpoints to share, pros and cons alike. Read these carefully and take notes before committing to purchase something new, no matter how enticing it’s presented as being.

Just my two cents worth!

Ride safely and enjoy everything life brings your way this year!..

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#143924 - 01/06/19 08:57 PM Re: Impulse Buying: My 2 cents worth!.. [Re: Az4x4]
Muniac Offline

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George - Good points. The online reviews about products provide us with unprecedented insight from a real user perspective. Always good to do your research ahead of time. But emotions will trump logic every time. Part of being human I guess. And those marketing products know where the sweet spots are.
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#143932 - 01/07/19 06:59 PM Re: Impulse Buying: My 2 cents worth!.. [Re: Muniac]
Az4x4 Offline
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Impulse buying is kinda like sex. By design it 'looks good', and if you do your homework before jumping in the results can exceed all expectations. But if you don't check what you're signing up for and you leap before you look, things often turn out to be more troublesome than you ever wanted to be involved with.

Read the fine print first, check with those who've purchased the product to see what they candidly say about it, then sleep on it for a time before clicking 'purchase' or signing on the dotted line. You'll be glad you did, and so will your wallet!..
Lovin' life in Arizona's cool Mogollon Rim Mountain Country!!

#143943 - 01/08/19 02:45 PM Re: Impulse Buying: My 2 cents worth!.. [Re: Az4x4]
peejman Offline
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I still have an iphone 5. While the battery life isn't stellar anymore, its not a significant problem either and the phone still works fine otherwise.

Just like buying the 1st model year of a redesigned car or bike. The OEM's don't expend the resources to properly test things anymore, so the first couple model years are functionally beta testing. It takes time and real world use for problems to show up and be corrected (eg, Honda CRV 1.5 turbo oil dilution).
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