Well! Another minor tweak to my XT250. You may have seen my previous video about my GoPro hookup on the XT. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZWs5VFN9XU
The GoPro Hero-2 required a back pack powered by a remote. I had to run USB cables to get bike power to all 3 portions. Camera, Back Pack, and Remote. That's a lot of cables, as well as power connectors to feed the cables.

I just bought a new camera. It's a Akaso V50 Pro...

It only needs one USB to power it, and the remote has it's own internal battery.
( I will probably not use the remote much, as the camera is much easier to turn ON/OFF than the GoPro.)

I just finished re-doing my camera mount for the XT. Mounts in same place as the Go pro, but needs only one cable.

Here's a few pix's of the new mounting.

Rear view. (Open frame case.) Touch screen can be operated with this frame/case mount.

Front view.

Power connection to camera.

New bracket.

USB power source.

Shown with sealed (water proof) case.
NOTE: Can't connect USB cable. Have to run on battery power with this case.

I didn't show the remote. It's built like a wrist watch. Runs off internal button cell, and doesn't seem all that well built. I can see the camera's back screen, and operate the two top buttons to turn camera on/off, and start/stop filming from my seated position. Seeing the back screen will tell me all I need to know to power, and take videos while riding. If this rain ever lets up, I intend to do a test video to see how much shake it has. The camera has image stabilization. It seems to work good when mounting camera to my helmet. We'll see how well it works mounted to bike like this.

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