Q4OS is a fast, powerful German developed operating system incorporating cutting edge Linux technologies in a modern, user friendly desktop environment. It's focus is on "security, reliability, long-term stability and conservative integration of verified new features."

Since it's introduction Q4OS has distinguished itself with its speed and minimal hardware requirements. It runs perfectly on newer machines as well as on older less powerful computers.

Q4OS just introduced a new installer that anyone can use to install it alongside Windows without modifying their existing Windows operating system or repartitioning their computer's hard drive.

Simply download the tiny Q4OS Windows installer from this address: (https://q4os.org/dnt8.html), and follow the simple included instructions. You'll install it just like you would any other Windows application. There is an option on the download page to chip in a buck or so to support the development of Q4OS if you feel so inclined, but contributing isn't required so don't let that slow you down.

The installer configures your computer to run Q4OS and Windows in dual boot mode, requiring no changes whatsoever to your Windows operating system. Once the setup is done you can switch back and forth between whichever version of Windows you're running, 10, 8.1 or 7, and Q4OS each time you restart your computer. The Q4OS Windows installer can even use Secure Boot if that feature is available on your PC.

You can remove Q4OS any time you wish by simply running the integrated uninstaller. The uninstaller completely eliminates the Q4OS installation and your computer goes back to exactly how it was before installation.

This new installer lets Windows users easily try Q4OS on their own machines, experiencing first hand what it's like using a fast, lightweight, user friendly operating system with a huge variety of applications available for installation from its online repositories.

Installed in this manner Q4OS isn't a replacement for Windows, but a complement to any existing Windows installation. I'd give it a try and tell everyone what I think if I had a machine running Windows, but I don't. However I can say, having run Q4OS in a virtual machine on my own computer, that it's a great Debian based desktop OS, well worth experiencing first hand. So let's hear what some of our Windows users think after giving Q4OS for Windows a go!..

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