PJ - +1! I agree totally. Well said.

I had driver ed in high school. Which was part of the athletic department. A coach would actually come out and drive us around, let us drive and provide instruction. The high school owned and maintained several dual control cars. We also had auto shop which took care of them. All designed to promote learning.

Some here may remember Spielberg's film "Jurassic Park". The main point of the original movie was to highlight the notion that having the technology to do something doesn't make using it a good idea. And the movie points out just how bad technological misuse can go. Some things are best left alone. The tough part is making the call as to which things. Profit and notoriety can cloud good judgment. I think such is the case with driverless cars. My hope is something good will come out of the exercise in terms of driver aids hopefully less any calamities.

Hypothetically, if a driverless car could be developed think about its implications. No more revenue to police from issuing driving tickets. Accident insurance wouldn't be needed. Auto body shops wouldn't be needed either. And it sure would redefine how the backseat could be used. And maybe some 50k people wouldn't be killed each year. More money lost to funeral and medical professions. Just saying.

Any organization I've ever been a part of derived its quality and effectiveness from the people making it up. Good people equals good quality/performance (usually). So I think a rethink of our elementary educational system wouldn't hurt. Things almost all young kids face is health, money management, diet and driving. Reading, writing and arithmetic too but some think those are racist subjects now. Get the young on board early and phase in the perks and aids slowly.

As far as driving skills, education should start in 2nd or 3rd grade. We have fabulous graphics and gaming software now. This could be made use of to create an effective and fun way to learn valuable driving skills. And yes some will bomb out and need remediation. Investing in people is a good idea but the price of learning lessons goes up with age.

As for smart phones, I often wonder how smart they really are turning out to be. Again it's knowing how to use them smartly, which many aren't doing on the highways. Turning such a device off is the smartest thing you can do sometimes.

AT&T was the first company I know that promoted irresponsible telephone usage. Going back a few years they ran major ad campaigns for car phones. Anyone want to hazard a guess at how many levels this fails on?? All in the name of profit.
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