I'd like to welcome the Satellite Phone Store to XT225.com as an official sponsor. Please visit their internet store front by clicking on the image below:

I purchased an Iridium 9555 satellite phone and was very pleased with their service, support and the product. They also pick up the phone which is a nice way to treat customers. We discussed a plan that was appropriate for my needs/budget and worked up a competitive price. The phone was configured and shipped that same day via FedEx 2 day service.

For more information on satellite phone rentals, options and plans.

The phone will make and receive calls anywhere in the world. This is very comforting when traveling in the back country as Jeannie and I do often. Many of the remote areas we enjoy don't provide cellular service. A satellite phone is a great way to stay connected when cellular phones won't work.

Test calls have been made from several remote summits we've hike to. The phone works perfectly and provides clear audio.

No cellular phone service here on Bonita Peak. Satellite phone works perfectly.

Grey Copper Gulch. No cellular service here either. What if your vehicle won't start??

We assembled a list of local emergency numbers that include alpine towing, helicopter rescue, search & rescue, etc. All these can be mobilized from the satellite phone. One hopes to never make that call but it's nice to know you can if needed. We also have a small network of friends that can provide support too.

Feel free to visit the Satellite Phone Store for more information on satellite phones, options and plans. They will be glad to provide assistance and answer questions.
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