I had designed these racks back in 2004 for our bikes to solve a unique small venue storage problem using aluminum and polycarbonate. The orginal two prototypes are still on both our bikes and the racks have held up exceptionally well after 10 years of service.

I passed production along to a friend that had the machining and laser cutting resources to produce the racks. He does good work. Owing to a job change and two small children, he no longer has time to make these racks. 10 complete units are left and 4 spare load decks. Once these are gone, that's it. The racks were originally priced at $119.95 and have since been reduced to $99.95 Shipping and handling costs are extra.

If you'd like one of these racks please PM me and I can get product shipped quickly. Payment will be via a PayPal invoice. I think USPS is the best shipping method giving its cost. UPS/Fedex for small volume shippers is now very expensive.

The details on the rack are HERE.

The load decks by themselves are $49.95+S/H. These require 3 surface machining and are thus time consuming to produce.

Purchases also help support this site. Thanks to all those that supported the product in the past. Thanks in advance to those purchasing the rack now.

Customer comments HERE.

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