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Saturday or Sunday Ride

Posted By: Magoo

Saturday or Sunday Ride - 07/20/12 10:07 PM

Anyone out there in WenatcheeLand want to ride this weekend? High temperatures warrant an early start and we can tailor the ride to the participant's skill-levels.

Call: computer at home!

Posted By: Matches

Re: Saturday or Sunday Ride - 10/30/15 08:34 PM

Thread resurrection!

I had too do it, upon seeing the posting; my dear friend Magoo, aka Michael Greenwell, passed away last year, hard at work at his desk. If anybody on here ever rode with him, I count you as some of the lucky few to have known him. Hell of a good friend, HELL of a rider. Happy trails Magoo, thanks for scouting out the trail you are on, I'm sure I'll be along, all in good time
Posted By: Muniac

Re: Saturday or Sunday Ride - 10/31/15 04:22 PM

Matches - Good to hear from you! As you remember - you, Jeannie, Magoo and I uncorked some really good rides.

(From left to right, Matches, Jeannie & Magoo)

I hope this note finds you well and enjoying dirt rides. Still have the seat and fork boots you kindly procured.

Really really sorry to hear about Magoo's passing. I remember he and I changed the oil in the van in his shop. Van now has 315k on it! Very nice and helpful fellow to be around. Fond memories of those rides with you guys. Also the eats afterwards. Life is very fragile and precious so make the most of each day you're here. Take care, be well and enjoy your weekend.
Posted By: Matches

Re: Saturday or Sunday Ride - 12/22/15 08:45 PM

HELL YES, those were and are some of my favorite rides! Give your lovely wife my best, and you take care of yourself!!!!
Posted By: Muniac

Re: Saturday or Sunday Ride - 12/22/15 10:07 PM

Thought you'd enjoy the photos. Merry Christmas to one and all. Be well and be safe.
Posted By: ThankGood

Re: Saturday or Sunday Ride - 12/23/15 03:24 AM

Very cool. Merry Christmas guys and gals.
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