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Front brake assy rotated?

Posted By: Oklahoma Alan

Front brake assy rotated? - 01/11/21 12:58 AM

Bought used XT225 needing some work. I’m to the point of replacing the speedometer cable. Ordered and received new cable it appears too short. Now I compare my bike to a photo of another XT. The assy point in my XT is at the eight o’clock position and if it was at the one/ two o’clock position I think this cable will work. Can the housing for the speedometer cable at the front wheel be assembled in different ways?
Posted By: JerryH

Re: Front brake assy rotated? - 01/11/21 07:01 AM

Do you mean that where the cable end connects to the gear drive is at the eight o'clock position? What year is your bike? On both my '94 and '01 it connects to the gear drive in front of the fork, the threaded part on the gear drive points up at almost exactly the same angle as the fork. Somewhere near the 11 o'clock position. It sounds like your gear drive is not installed correctly. There should be a little projection on the gear drive itself that fits into a boss on the inside of the fork leg, so the gear drive cannot move. It's possible that could be broken off, and if it is you would need to replace the gear drive. It can only go on one way. However, someone may not have lined that little projection up with the fork when they installed the front wheel. Loosen the front axle and try to turn the gear drive that the cable attaches to. If it turns on the axle, there is something wrong.
Posted By: peejman

Re: Front brake assy rotated? - 01/11/21 12:54 PM

I agree that this sounds odd. The speedo cable goes in at 12:00 and the tabs for the caliper are cast into the forks, so you can't move the caliper to another clock position. Perhaps your bike has YZ forks or something?
Posted By: Oklahoma Alan

Re: Front brake assy rotated? - 01/11/21 10:01 PM

When I bought the 2003 XT. The speedometer cable was broken and a section of cable was missing. Good connection behind the display and cable runs about 18 inches to near the fork. The end at the caliper / wheel location is installed but is about 3 inches long. I will try to upload a photo.

Both ends attach ok but not at the same time. The orientation at the wheel looks odd. If the cable was long enough to reach both ends, the arc of the cable at the wheel would be exposed to allow any brush to grab. Would take a pile of ziplocks yo secure
Posted By: Oklahoma Alan

Re: Front brake assy rotated? - 01/12/21 08:24 PM

Not sure how to post photos. As mentioned above by forum members, there is a slot cast into the gear assembly and a tab about 90 degrees away that looks like should fit in the slot. This weekend I’ll disassembly the wheel and reposition the casting and best try to put the speedometer mount near the 12 o’clock position. Thanks for the help.
Posted By: skypupbob

Re: Front brake assy rotated? - 01/12/21 09:43 PM

You do know about the tabs on the spedo gear and slots on the wheel lining up, correct?
If it is assembled wrong it will bend the tabs on the gear.
Posted By: Oklahoma Alan

Re: Front brake assy rotated? - 01/13/21 06:00 AM

No, didn't know to look for that. I now have the page(s) from the manual printed and will look for this damage during disassembly. I'm not rigid about the speedometer working, but I'm planning to learn how close it is to working.
Posted By: JerryH

Re: Front brake assy rotated? - 01/13/21 06:57 AM

Did it have a speedometer cable on it when you bought it? As far as I know, every XT225 from 1992-2007 uses the same cable. If the cable was missing, there is a good chance that someone just put the front wheel on without lining up the drive gear with the fork, and once you get it installed properly it will work fine.

This shows where the threaded part of the drive gear (part 15) should be pointing when lined up properly with the fork. Hopefully the drive gear is not broken, as it is an $80 part.
Posted By: Oklahoma Alan

Re: Front brake assy rotated? - 01/14/21 12:04 AM

Thank you for posting the schematic. My item 15 in the view is actually 90 degrees ccw from the schematic. Planning to disassemble and rotate so the speed cable connects near the 12 o’clock position like the schematic. When I bought the bike the cable was broken and about 18 inches of cable was missing. Both ends were intact.
Posted By: Oklahoma Alan

Re: Front brake assy rotated? - 01/17/21 04:25 AM

Ok. This was too easy to fix. Someone in this forum mentioned a tab on the fork and a slot in the housing. Once the axle was loosed, the housing did rotate. I pulled the axle, dropped the wheel slightly, oriented the slot and tab. Now the speedometer cable fits , routes like the schematic and it works. Thanks again to this helpful group.
Posted By: Az4x4

Re: Front brake assy rotated? - 01/18/21 05:41 PM

Good deal, Alan! Sometimes, when things 'don't seem to work right', if we'll simply step back and examine what we have to work with closely, the 'solution' often comes to us. Someone mentioning "a tab on the fork and a slot in the housing" was the 'key' you needed in this case, and illustrates one of the things this site is best known for - helpfulness!
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