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Looking for Xt225 Seat

Posted By: r100rsman

Looking for Xt225 Seat - 06/21/20 01:49 PM

Looking for a seat in any condition for a XT225. Going to scoop the foam to lower it a bit, so my daughter can learn to ride our XT250.


Posted By: Selden

Re: Looking for Xt225 Seat - 06/24/20 12:16 PM

Clarification please: are you looking for a seat for an XT225 or an XT250? Are they interchangeable?

If so, a few years ago, I got a Seat Concepts seat for my 2006 XT225. Being a packrat, I never got rid of the OEM seat foam (the pan was used for the SC upgrade) "just in case" I ever wanted to experiment with widening/dishing it. The foam is yours for the cost of shipping from Georgia to Maryland. E-mail me at if you want to move on this.

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