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Posted By: Muniac

The XT225 Store - 04/08/14 12:16 AM

Welcome to the Store: (Purchases here help support this site.)

2 O-Ring kits in stock.

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After many replacements of valve adjustment cap O-Rings on both bikes I decided to explore using silicone O-Rings in their place. Jeannie and I have experimented with these for the last year with excellent results. They hold up much better than the OEM O-Rings. Especially on the exhaust side where there's more heat. I decided to offer these as a simple kit of 2 O-Rings with the idea others may save money and reduce (or eliminate) the time spent replacing the stock O-Rings.

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The exhaust valve adjustment cover gets hotter and breaks down the rubber O-Ring faster.

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A look at the fit of a high quality silicone O-Ring.

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Here's the kit of 2 silicone O-Rings. Replaces Yamaha part # 93210-57634-00

The kit is $8 USD plus shipping via USPS which is the cheapest option. This will cover the continental US to include Hawaii and Alaska. International shipping is usually too expensive to be practical.

How To Order:

Please send me an email or a PM through the board so I can quote the final amount with S/H. Include your address and an email so I can send a PayPal invoice. I have kits in stock ready to ship immediately. Purchases help support this site. Thanks in advance for your interest in the kit.
Posted By: Muniac

Re: The XT225 Store - 04/25/14 04:08 PM


From DMO Specialties.

Improve your connection with the bike and help support the small businesses that support this site.
Posted By: Muniac

Re: The XT225 Store - 04/25/14 04:12 PM

The MXMegaStore Has a HUGE Selection of XT Products:

Browse their extensive inventory or shop for specific products. Call Dave if you need additional assistance. A proud supporter of our site so consider making a purchase there.
Posted By: Muniac

Re: The XT225 Store - 04/25/14 04:17 PM

The Load Lord Rack Is Back:

There is a limited inventory on these which ship from New Jersey. They are brand new units for the XT225 bike model only. USPS and UPS shipping options are available. These racks are still on our bikes (11 years now) and in perfect condition. Their unique design solves a unique small venue storage problem. CNC machined from aluminum and polycarbonate with SS hardware.

Help support by making a purchase.
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