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New Member Southern Oregon

Posted By: BTD3509

New Member Southern Oregon - 06/02/22 11:00 AM

Just purchased a 2005 Yamaha XT225 to get back into riding. It's been ten years since I last owned a bike, sold my FZR 600 before going into the service. Now I've got a family and don't care so much about how fast I can go, just want to enjoy the ride. Thanks for letting me join your family!
Posted By: Muniac

Re: New Member Southern Oregon - 06/02/22 08:27 PM

Welcome to the site as a new USER. Enjoy and ride safely. Post on! You've reached the stage in life called calibration. No shame in that. Thanks for your service to the country.
Posted By: onceona50

Re: New Member Southern Oregon - 06/02/22 09:07 PM

Posted By: peejman

Re: New Member Southern Oregon - 06/02/22 09:22 PM

Welcome to the dirty side. I switched from a CBR600 to the XT.
Posted By: JerryH

Re: New Member Southern Oregon - 06/20/22 08:23 PM

Welcome. Where abouts in southern OR? I have family in OR, little place called Forest Grove, about 20 miles west of Portland. I go up there for a couple of weeks at the time about twice a year. I wish I had a way to take a bike with me.
Posted By: BTD3509

Re: New Member Southern Oregon - 07/11/22 01:07 AM

Sorry for the late response JerryH, I'm still trying to figure out this forum. I'm way down on the southern border near California in Klamath Falls. Not much here but the outdoors, and I'm okay with it that way! If you happen to swing through this way let me know and I'd love to meet ya.
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