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Bike Problems
Jump to new posts Re: Things to check for "Slop" by ElBruto @ Yesterday at 10:09 PM

Thanks, I did the roll back and forth and it rolls 3-4 inches, so I guess I just live with it. Didn't really know if it was a problem or not. If it is, it will eventually reveal that it is. Just not what I'm used to riding the big road bikes.
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Jump to new posts Re: I'm BaaaAAaaack ! by Jon @ Yesterday at 07:35 PM

Weekend maintenance for my bike: Oil & filter change, new spark plug, air filter cleaning, Load lord rack installed, handguards installed, front sproket (16T) changed, front fender cut. Left to do : cleaning chain & checking valve clearance.
Upgrade Projects
Jump to new posts YSS fork emulator valves by mrgizmow @ Yesterday at 06:38 PM

Yss fork valves (emulators). As I have spent years riding a Yamaha TW200, I know how nice it can be when you are able to improve a bikes basic suspension system. We have lots of good information regarding Race Tech's great front fork emulator valve
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Jump to new posts Re: Windshield by Az4x4 @ Yesterday at 05:23 PM

Nice setup. Looks great!
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Jump to new posts Re: Data CD-R Discs by Az4x4 @ Yesterday at 05:15 PM

Originally Posted By: Muniac..I need to burn a DVD from an iso file for LMDE 2 soon. Should work fine. If I have issues, I'll report back. Don't know if Brasero supports BR discs but I seldom burn those.. Burning ISO files with Brasero works flaw
Bike Problems
Jump to new posts Re: Crankcase (RIGHT) Gasket Replacement by Muniac @ Yesterday at 03:47 PM

I've done several engine case gaskets for cracked cases, stators, clutch packs, etc. Make sure both surfaces are clean and smooth. OEM gaskets are difficult to remove. I've used a razor blade (carefully) to remove debris/sealer. Wire brushed both
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You still got it? Have you run the VIN to see if it's stolen? Can you post a few pictures?
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Jump to new posts Re: Looking for Passenger Foot Pegs 2006 XT225 by nick4onelove @ Yesterday at 04:29 AM

Yeah I definitely keep my eye on eBay, unfortunately the pinnacle of my mechanical ability is lubing my chain, so welding my own is definitely out haha. I did just order a pair of the oversized front pegs advertised on this forum, so I've got that to
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Jump to new posts Re: Introduction by Beaker @ Yesterday at 01:41 AM

Oh right, the total solar eclispe. Ought to be pretty impressive over the Tetons.
Bike Problems
Jump to new posts Re: Off idle bog by OleKennyRoy @ 03/25/17 06:10 PM

It's fixed as far as I'm concerned. I went up one on the pilot to 45, and replaced what I thought was a Mikuni 132.5 with a Mikuni 132.5 main jet. The main jets that I ordered from RM ATV/MC were after market. The orifice in the orifice in the 132
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Jump to new posts Re: New Memebrt from NorCal by nick4onelove @ 03/25/17 06:00 PM

Thanks I'll do some research on those! I got a one month subscription to a trail map/guide website and I've been trying to get the most out of it LOL. So far I've been all over my local mountains' OHV areas, Cow Mountain and Elk Mountain. They're bot
Connectivity - PCs, Browsers & OS Help
Yup, It's going to be a fun time looking forward. As for google, do keep in mind they sponsor this site. My PC contains nothing of any value and is basically "noname" as the user. When I order stuff on line, I need to provide CC#, addres
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Jump to new posts Re: Greetings from southeast Washington by Muniac @ 03/25/17 03:37 PM

Welcome to the site as a new USER. Enjoy and ride safely. Thanks for the kind words. Fats Waller recorded a song, "You Meet the Nicest People in Your Dreams". Post on!
Road/Adventure Riding
Jump to new posts Re: Iron Butt by alexd @ 03/24/17 05:33 PM

Never went for long distance myself, but rode back and forth regularly from Chicago to Champaign-Urbana Illinois on my Yamaha YDS-3 and YR-1, and now and then to Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. A friend drove his Bridgestone Hurricane (200cc) down to Day
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Jump to new posts Re: New from Oxford, MS by peejman @ 03/24/17 12:54 AM

Open Discussions - Sound Off & Hold Forth
Jump to new posts Re: The Internet & the War on Science.. by Muniac @ 03/23/17 03:30 PM

Alexd - Very good concluding comments and something that preserves a friendship rather than limiting where it can go. I try to put a little good back into the system where I can. Federally (beyond my vote and a possible letter) I feel my voice won'
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Jump to new posts Re: Looking for left side plastic in white by Ferg @ 03/23/17 04:28 AM

Thanks for the tips.
I'd Like to Buy
Jump to new posts Re: Passenger footpegs and mounts by Selden @ 03/22/17 11:04 PM

I pulled mine from a 2006 XT225, since I'll never be carrying a passenger on my XT. They should be the same as the 1999 model. PM me with an offer.
Bike Problems
Jump to new posts Re: Resistance even with clutch in? by peejman @ 03/22/17 04:16 PM

Silkolene is available here, though only hot rod type places typically have it on the shelf. I used Shell Rotella in my road bike for several years because it was much less expensive than motorcycle specific oil, but the price difference isn't as mu
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Jump to new posts Re: Coleman ATV Seat Cushion by Paul49 @ 03/21/17 03:43 PM

I have one also, bought off one of our forum chums who had altered the straps to secure to the seat underneath. Works fine, bit less numb bum is most welcome.
Bike Problems
Jump to new posts Re: Can't Figure Out Where Oil Leak Is by Muniac @ 03/20/17 09:54 PM

You may be opening up Pandora's box with replacing the gasket. Especially if the leak is a minor one. Our bikes bleed oil in a few places which amounts to dime sized wet spots in the dust collected on the affected area. As peejman mentioned, it go
New Member/Owner Welcome Area
Jump to new posts Re: HI! From Rocco from NY! by ODDBEAST @ 03/20/17 03:50 PM

Thanks so the warm welcome everyone!
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