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Re: More on COVID-19 Selden Yesterday at 11:19 PM
The JHU COVID-19 Dashboard provides the most up-to-date data that I have seen:

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation offers projections on hospital resource usage, daily death rates, and total deaths.

Note that this site has a pulldown that lets you see projections on a state-by-state basis — the differences can be surprising. Sunday evening, I grabbed screenshots for every state, so that I can compare their projections with what actually happens on May 1, when IHME thinks the pandemic will start dropping off. The projections are pretty sobering.

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Re: Orange County, CA riding PM/Text me JPouchet Yesterday at 10:58 PM
Thanks - will do. We head up that way every now and then. Can load the bikes in the trucks to meet you.

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Re: Larger Replacement Tires? JDon2whls Yesterday at 10:23 PM
Specifically the sizes? I don’t want to start any type of war on which tire make/model is the best...
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Re: Gearing and Tire size changes Selden Yesterday at 09:53 PM
My 2006 XT225 is running a 16 tooth countershaft sprocket, with stock size front, and a 4.10/18 rear. Both are Shinko 244 Golden Boy Trail tires. I can't imagine a better combination. On pavement, the engine is running at a comfortable RPM at 65-70 mph, and the tires do not squirm during fairly hard cornering. On dirt roads, the tread of the 244 tires provides good grip on loose gravel and mud, and I almost never have to use first gear.
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Re: To old to ride? Selden Yesterday at 09:43 PM
About 20 years ago, I realized that I was no longer as fast as I had thought I was in my 20's, and that healing takes longer. I had a low speed tipover in September 2019, after hitting a boulder in the middle of a truckload of loose gravel. I managed to pick up the XT and ride home. My left side was a little sore, but I was doing well for about 5 days, when I had a violent sneeze that tore something — I nearly passed out while sitting down. The injury took about 6 weeks to heal, but it made me think about the end of my riding days.

As of the end of March, I am fully recovered, it has finally stopped raining in north Georgia, and I am hitting the fire roads again. BUT, in these pandemic days, I am riding very cautiously, avoiding "interesting" side roads, and staying on the main road, which is smoother, and where help is more likely to come by if I fall. Barring a more serious injury, I think I have at least another 5 years left, and the XT225 will be the last motorcycle to leave my garage. I went fire roading today, followed by pavement for the last 20 miles, and the experience reminded me of what a fun bike this is, largely because it is so unintimidating.

So far, riding is still fun. You don't stop riding because you get old; you get old because you stop riding.
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Re: Last ride before lockdown Selden Yesterday at 09:08 PM
I am a contrarian on this, but far from a denier.

First, it's hard to imagine an activity that is more social distancing that riding USFS fire roads with absolutely no contact with other human beings. I plan to continue riding for as long as I can.

Second, a site that I respect greatly, is predicting that the outbreak, after peaking mid-April will drop off sharply by the end of June:


April is going to be the month from hell, but it's not the end of the world as we know it.
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Re: Clutch rebuilt time? Muniac Yesterday at 07:20 PM
The diagram for your clutch is HERE. The springs that are involved are #11 & #22. The compression spring pushes the discs together. If it's weak you're clutch may slip. While the bike is apart, you might as well replace all parts pertaining to what ensures good power transfer. That was where I was headed with the suggestions. OEM parts are always best as they will always fit and perform properly. Good luck with the repairs.
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Re: Bike started spluttering and cut out while riding Muniac Yesterday at 04:14 PM
Backfiring is usually an indication of fuel starvation. I'd say you have crap in the fuel feed system. Need to inspect starting at the tank right on through the carb's fuel systems. A quality inline fuel filter below the tank is a good idea. Berryman B-12 is good carb cleaner and will dissolve any deposits, except rust. The coaster enrichment cover (black plastic on side of carb) is always suspect. It can crack causing all kinds of problems. Clean and inspect the carb completely. Good luck!
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Re: WTB OEM muffler Jalake 03/29/20 03:08 AM
I have an oem muffler from my 2007, don't know if it's the same or not.. if it is, it's taking up space in my garage
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Re: Engine loss at throttle Muniac 03/29/20 12:29 AM
Glad it's running. I always run the bike out of fuel after every ride. Good insurance against ethanol attacks. Ride safely.
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Re: Best upgrades to consider for used bike WSUNate 03/28/20 04:43 PM
Thanks for the advice and video link. I’ll put valves at the top!
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Re: XT225 Pannier Rack Muniac 03/27/20 01:47 PM
I don't have any supports but do own several of the Apache cases offered by Harbor Freight. They are pretty good quality for the money and I think would make a good travel case. Only concern being what direct sunlight will do to the plastic over time. They have padlock holes just outboard of the latches. Might be a good idea to secure there in case the latches wear of become brittle. Good luck getting some metal framing/brackets to hold them on the bike.
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Re: XT250 ethanol problems and solutions onceona50 03/26/20 04:26 PM
Never had a problem with months old Chevron in my engines. ymmv
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Re: New Member Muniac 03/26/20 03:37 PM
Welcome to the site as a new USER. Enjoy and ride safely. AZ has a lot of good riding spots. Post on!
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Re: New member, hopefully soon to be owner! onceona50 03/26/20 12:57 PM
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Barely used XT225 fork/mono springs For Sale trailhand 03/26/20 12:25 PM
I have one pair of front(forks) springs, and one rear (mono shock) spring - OEM from a
Yamaha XT 225, 2004.... 400 miles on them. Make me an offer via PM. Thanks, Toby
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Re: Xt225 Serow 100.000Kms tach Muniac 03/25/20 08:25 PM
A late welcome to the site as a new USER. Enjoy and ride safely. Post on!
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'UOS': China's newest 'Tech Wars' deployment.. Az4x4 03/25/20 07:48 PM

The struggles of Chinese tech companies like ZTE and Huawei illustrate how important it is for China to break away from dependence on US technology. ZTE was reliant on chips made in the US to produce smartphones, chips which have now been denied them. US sanctions on Huawei saddled it with the difficult task of selling Android handsets outside China without Google apps or services installed. The current political climate makes it imperative that China has its own software and hardware foundations in place to avoid US sanctions.

Union Tech began as a joint venture between state-run tech corporations and Wuhan Deepin Technology. Union Tech emerged and Deepin's founder, Liu Wenhan became Union Tech’s general manager. Liu explains that while home grown Chinese operating systems currently occupy a small percentage of this vast country's domestic market (Windows 7 and XP still hold top domestic spots), nevertheless he expects free open-source Chinese developed Linux operating systems to capture 20% to 30% of the domestic market in the not too distant future, and within 3 years any need for foreign software or hardware he anticipates will essentially be eliminated. With the almost 30 year track record of open-source Linux development to draw from, Liu says China and Union Tech are in this for the long haul, and that progress towards the nation's goals will come more swiftly than many anticipate.

Union Tech's new 'UOS' (Unity Operating System) is based on their highly popular 'Deepin' OS, China’s most successful Linux desktop distribution. 'UOS' offered it's first stable release in January of this year, booting and running flawlessly on Chinese chip technology. 'UOS' may be a primary incentive for Chinese chip manufacturers to close the gap and produce chips matching or exceeding the capabilities of US chips in every way. Union Tech is working hand in hand with domestic chip makers to speed the replacement of American chip and operating system technology, initially in government offices and critical industries, and ultimately in every sector of Chinese life.

In December 2019, China ordered government offices and public institutions to remove and replace foreign hardware and software tech within the next three years. So it looks like the final effect of US tech 'sanctions' on China may prove to be its liberation from long held dependence on closed-source US operating systems as it moves to implement and deploy an open-source OS as all pervasive as older versions of Windows have been to this point.

With a user interface that strikingly imitates other operating systems, Union Tech's Deepin OS comes with an application dock, a launchpad and a file manager/browser much like those found in MacOS. It also has Android-style notifications and control panels, plus a Windows style start button and cascading application menu. Deepin also has an 'App Store' where users can find and install popular software. Now comes Union Tech's new 'UOS', similar to Deepin in the way it looks making it attractive to domestic users across the board. 'UOS' meets domestic users needs right now and will do so for the foreseeable future, thus finding itself at the forefront of China's effort to sever its dependency on closed-source US software and chip technology.

Time will tell how China's goal of moving away from dependence on US tech progresses. With a government mandated 3 year deadline looming and every sector of China's tech industry getting onboard, no way I'd bet against them accomplishing their goal within the designated time frame.
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Re: Surviving Covid-19: Great Work at Home Ideas.. Az4x4 03/25/20 02:59 PM

You've got a real handle on maximizing your work from home effectiveness, JP. Thanks for detailing some of it for us. Good stuff.

Hope your sore calf muscle heals quickly. No fun missing out on early Spring riding opportunities..
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Re: Just checking in! Az4x4 03/24/20 03:04 PM

Originally Posted by rocmoc
..Hello, just checking in. All quiet and buttoned up behind locked gates on the homestead South of Tucson. One case in Santa Cruz county. Built a little track around the house into the back yard and back out so I could ride without worry of contact (and my better 3/4 could keep and eye on me). We are both well and hoping for the best. Take care,
rocmoc n AZ..

Rocmoc, glad you're doing well down south of Tucson. Nice to have room to ride a bit without leaving your own property. Many of us are in similar 'buttoned up' modes, staying home, gates closed, working on projects, enjoying the quiet, staying in touch. With the weather beginning to warm all of us look forward to this virus situation peaking then slowly improving, however long that takes. The best to you and yours as time goes by. Keep us posted as we do the same..
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Re: Valuation of flawless restored 2007 xt225 #brer15 03/24/20 10:20 AM
Maybe I misunderstood. I thought you were asking if a bike that retails new for $4000 would someday be worth $5000 or more. Like a 65 Ford Mustang in mint condition would go up in value.
Agreed, they don't depreciate as much as some bikes.
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