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Nuts, Bolts, Wrenching and Scratched Knuckles Jump to new posts
Re: xt225 Suspension onceona50 Yesterday at 10:51 PM
Thanks ^^^^^ I don't think I need to worry about my suspension.
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Re: Start button produces only click at solenoid.... Paul49 09/16/21 02:38 PM
Is it fixed? Feedback is good for anybody with similar problem in future.
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Nuts, Bolts, Wrenching and Scratched Knuckles Jump to new posts
Re: Correct Oil Filter Orientation Muniac 09/13/21 09:01 PM
Also watch the small O-ring that is over the shoulder bolt on the cover for that filter. It's very easy for it to drop out and/or get misplaced. The O-ring may sit in the engine case or come with the bolt. Depends on how you take the cover off. That bolt needs to be properly sealed as part of the oil circulation system. Replace the O-ring if it's flattened. Otherwise you're good to go.
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Open Discussions - Sound Off & Hold Forth Jump to new posts
Re: More harassment :D Muniac 09/13/21 08:57 PM
The XT does run lean with OEM settings. Fuel has a cooling effect on the exhaust valve so a little on the rich side is generally good. As always, travel safely.
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Re: Strange tuning Duff Daniels 09/12/21 04:32 PM
It just runs so much better not all choked up with the spark arrestor in. Throttle response is peppy. I actually caught air at the top of a hill today. I’m going to be modifying the other spark arrestor I got so it can still be more flow but still catch a spark. The fmf spark arrestor is just a screen.

I’m not in the business of making friends. I have kids so I just like to enjoy my time away doing what I enjoy. I have plenty gear head friends.. I used to have a Harley chopper with straight drags, so that was my slow loud bike. When kids hear this dirt bike coming with open exhaust they stop playing turn and do the throttle twist hand motions lol.
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Nuts, Bolts, Wrenching and Scratched Knuckles Jump to new posts
Re: Another Skid Plate Question JerryH 09/11/21 08:14 PM
Did you put the strainer back? I would drain the oil and put everything back the way it is supposed to be. IMO, without the spring, that strainer might move around in there enough to break it, and pieces of it could wind up inside the engine. If you left the strainer out too it should be ok. It does have an actual oil filter.
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Open Discussions - Sound Off & Hold Forth Jump to new posts
Re: Business Trip JerryH 09/10/21 06:36 PM
I'm too old for this to mean much to, but I have 2 kids in their early 30s, and a 4 month old grandson. And I am deeply concerned about what kind of future they may be stuck with. I am actually more concerned more about the changes in government than the rest of it. Under the left we are becoming more and more of a dictatorship than a Constitutional Republic. They are using the Constitution as a floormat. Just look what is happening in Australia.
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Re: "They Paved Paradise.. peejman 09/10/21 06:22 PM
Originally Posted by Deserteagle56
The last few posts above just go to enforce my theory that the earth's biggest problem isn't climate change or covid or anything else of that ilk. It is overpopulation by the human race. It seems to me that very soon there will be more people on this earth than it can sustain, and Nature will have to do a correction to get things in balance again. I hope I'm wrong...but I'm thinking that correction may wipe out millions of lives. Something like covid but much more virulent.

That is, if some stupid government or terrorist organization doesn't do it first with weapons of mass destruction.

[Linked Image from]
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Re: Fuel tank key question JerryH 09/09/21 07:45 PM
When new the same key fits both the ignition and the gas cap. But if either one was ever replaced, that would no longer be the case. However it sounds like your fuel cap may just be too rusty for the lock to work. You can usually find used tanks and caps on eBay (I sold 2 tanks there many years ago) but they will not match your bike. The reason I sold the tanks is because I had replaced them with Clarke tanks. IMO the Clarke tank is superior in every way to the stock tank. It holds a LOT more gas, and being plastic, it will never rust. The cap does not lock, but I never saw that as a problem. And it fits perfectly, everything lined up just fine. If your tank is badly rusted, then the petcock is probably also bad. The Clarke tank uses the stock petcock.
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Re: Headlight troubleshoot JerryH 09/08/21 05:21 PM
I'm assuming that the light does not work on either high or low beam? Not familiar with the XT250. Before checking anything else, see if there is a fuse for the headlight and if so check that first. Does the headlight usually come on when the ignition switch is turned on, or does it only come on after the engine is started? I have seen them set up both ways. Some headlights are designed to stay off until the engine starts to avoid the extra drain on the battery while starting. If yours is like that, the engine will have to be running before you can check for voltage at the headlight socket. Also, when the headlight is wired that way, there will be some kind of switch or relay that sends power to the headlight once the engine is started. Try it on both high and low beams. Also, some bikes have a headlight relay and some don't. A wiring diagram will be helpful. If it has a relay, check for power TO the relay. If it doesn't, go back to the switch and check for power going TO the switch. If there isn't any, then you have to go back to the next connection in the circuit. The headlight on most bike has a separate ground, meaning the socket will have three prongs on it. One for high, one for low, and one for ground. Check to make sure you get continuity between the ground prong and the frame. The headlight should be a fairly simple circuit. Unlike the ignition, voltage does not have to go through several safety devices before getting to the light.
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Re: Seat concepts - review/questions 2wheelfun 09/08/21 02:16 AM
I'm contemplating getting the tall version for my XT250. SC will reupholster the seat for $25 extra over the $179 cost of the kit. You pay to ship the seat to them and they redo it and ship it back for around $220. Trying to find a nice used one before doing this but no luck so far.
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Open Discussions - Sound Off & Hold Forth Jump to new posts
Re: What do you guys think of this XT? Paul49 09/06/21 03:54 PM
My '95 reg is just coming up 21k miles, I paid £1200 for it 8 years ago with 11.5k miles. I have had to do a fair bit of work on it, needed new tyres, chain kit, wheel bearings and a good full service. Put new rings in it Mar '19, now only uses 100 - 150ml between oil changes at 600 - 800 miles.

They do seem to be asking a lot of money for them now.
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Re: XT225 for riding the T.A.T ratbikerandy 09/03/21 02:07 AM
Good to know and I have watched a YouTube series of 225 on the western half; did fine. Also read Tiny TAT on ADV Rider of a 225.
It is a loose plan at the moment but interest is high. Of the 5 interested people, only 2 have dual-sports. The other 3 are thinking and looking. TDub kid on YT rides a TW200 all over the place too and I think he is in Colorado.

I did a street / dirt ride with a bunch of Triumph ADV bikes and scramblers and the deuce and a quarter did great. One of the other riders on bigger bike was impressed and wanted to know more about the bike. Smaller bikes are ust so much easier to ride, but do lack in comfort sometimes.

As far as another party, I would have to check with the group closer to one of the trips. Personally I would rather do the whole thing at one time but work gets in the way of that. I'll post more if/when plans come together.
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Re: rear rack rocmoc 08/30/21 11:43 PM
I have an original Aluminum Moto Billet Rack-it that came on the XT225. Came off my bike, like new. Send me a message if you are interested.

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Re: 'Truly Personal Computing': 101.. Az4x4 08/30/21 09:26 PM

Thirty years and five days ago Linus Torvalds, a university student in Helsinki, announced to the 'Minix news group' he took part in that he was creating his open source kernel, which as we're aware become known as 'Linux.'

His original 30 year old post read:

"..I'm doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won't be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones. This has been brewing since April, and is starting to get ready. I'd like any feedback on things people like/dislike in minix, as my OS resembles it somewhat (same physical layout of the file-system (due to practical reasons) among other things). I've currently ported bash(1.08) and gcc(1.40), and things seem to work. This implies that I'll get something practical within a few months.."

That was August 25th, 1991, and Torvalds' post is now seen as the birth of Linux. As desktop Linux users today we are multiple millions, yet at the same time only a small handful of the countless billions of Linux beneficiaries these days.

Thirty years after Linus' initial post the astounding growth and accomplishments across a vast array of 'mission critical' projects the world has tasked Linux with sees it powering, among a countless number of things, the overwhelming majority of the world's billions of smart phones, each of the world's top 500 super computers, virtually every server in operation today, plus hundreds of millions of desktop computers world wide - and that's only the 'tip of the Linux iceberg' that powers every facet of life on earth today.

Among countless other accomplishments to its credit, NASA's wildly successful Mars helicopter 'Ingenuity' performs it's tasks on the red planet powered by Linux. With ever more challenging flights under its belt, each more far reaching and audacious than the last, Linux continues to display its incredible versatility and rock solid fitness for everything NASA's flight system requirements task it with. Short of a disaster of some sort (remotely piloting a helicopter millions of miles away on Mars is an astounding feat by anyone's standard), Ingenuity should be operational for as long as the Perseverance Mars Rover, also Linux powered, is up and running - which on Mars is an astounding accomplishment no matter how you look at it - something that NASA and its partners are well known for these days.

[Linked Image from]

That same Linux kernel, with all of it's flexibility, security and versatility is available to each of us to use as we see fit, for free!

So a hearty Happy 30th Birthday (five days ago!) to Linux! And countless more outstanding accomplishments to come!
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Connectivity - PCs, Browsers & OS Help Jump to new posts
Re: The King's 'magical new clothes'.. Az4x4 08/30/21 05:59 PM

For a chuckle or a good laugh, check this ZDNet article out..

"Microsoft sent me a peculiar email and I'd like to stop laughing."
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Re: Motor swap Az4x4 08/29/21 08:20 PM

Knew you'd get it! Off hand I couldn't remember exactly what needed to be done, only that guys who've done it before said there were things that needed to be changed out. When Jerry mentioned the older bikes had a 35w system as opposed to 55w on the newer, I figured that was the key to the swap. You jumped right on swapping things around and it worked like a charm! Slam dunk, home run, bicycle kick for the winning goal! ..Enjoy your bike, ride safely, and post often!..
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Re: New rider. I bought a lemon! Please advise. 150ron 08/27/21 04:20 PM
check the oil filter, if using the xt250 oil filter it will not flow oil to the top end, sorry you're dealing with this, finding a complete engine is very hard, IMO sell what you can from your bike, and try to find another one, good luck, the other option is to rebuild yours.
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Re: Overheated and now it wont start JerryH 08/25/21 01:48 PM
Sadly that is what happens to most Japanese bikes when they are out of production for as long as the XT225 is. Real brand new oem carburetors are still available for the XT, but they cost around $600. That may sound crazy expensive, and it is, but there are over $2000 worth of parts in an EFI system. All Japanese vehicles from way back were intended to be disposable, but it seems the newer a vehicle is, the more disposable it becomes.
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Re: Skid plate cushion replacement Paul49 08/23/21 08:08 PM
Just saw this pic, hope it helps.
[Linked Image from]
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I'd Like to Buy Jump to new posts
I need an XT225 motor Skhues 08/23/21 06:31 PM
My crank case broke and instead of doing a complete rebuild with a new case, I’d rather just replace the entire motor. Please let me know if you have one in decent condition or know of any leads. Thank you kindly!
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Re: Charging issue JerryH 08/23/21 02:55 PM
I still don't completely understand the XT225s electrical system. The service manual is a bit confusing. The stator seems to be similar to the one on my '79 Vespa P200E. It has 3 coils, one powers the ignition system, which allows it to run without a battery. Another powers the charging system, and another powers the lights. The Vespa has a kickstarter, and can be started and ridden without the battery, though the lights are very dim. If the XT225 is similar, then it is possible for only part of the stator to fail. If the charging coil failed, but the ignition coil was still ok, it would run when bump started, but still not charge. And, unlike most bikes, if the part of the stator that provides current to the ignition failed, it would not run even with a fully charged battery. It would turn over, but not fire. That happened on my Vespa, and trying to figure it out drove me right up the wall until someone on a Vespa forum explained it to me.

As peejman said, the voltage between the battery terminals when you rev it to 2500-3000 rpm should be right at 14V. 12V systems are almost always designed to run at 13.8V. If you get that much, then the charging system is working IF the battery is good. A shorted battery or one with an open circuit will alter that reading. If you were able to fully charge the battery and it turned the engine over normally, it is probably ok. Don't go by voltage readings alone when checking a battery. It is very possible for a bad battery to read 12.5V on a meter, but immediately go dead when you put a load on it.

Since the bike runs, the ignition part of the stator is ok. If you get 14V across the battery terminals when revving it, then the charging part is also ok. At that point I would suspect the battery. The best way to check a battery is with a load tester on it. That puts a known load on the battery, and measures how fast the voltage drops. If it drops too fast, the battery is bad.
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Re: NEED HELP - Fuel drain screw stripped! ver-say-see 08/22/21 08:08 PM
You guys are awesome! Got the drain screw out but there is still fuel pouring out of the overflow tube (with the new screw installed). I opened the carb up to check if the float needle was seized but it seemed fine. Any ideas on what it might be and what I can do to fix it? Probably going to buy a new needle and seat as it seems that's a common issue.
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Accessories & Innovations Jump to new posts
Re: Decals/graphics Hughes500Pilot 08/22/21 04:34 PM
Here are the original graphics from a 1994 XT225. Note the front fender green/yellow decal. -Steve

[Linked Image from]
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Resources Jump to new posts
Re: Assembly and parts lists JerryH 08/22/21 02:21 AM has diagrams and all the parts prices. You can order parts from them. Most dealers won't even look up parts for a bike that old. I have been dealing with this place for almost 20 years, and get pretty much all my parts for my 3 Japanese bikes from them.
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