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Re: No headlight, turn signals or brake lights flyinhawaiian968 5 minutes ago
Could be a few things going on here, but if you're blowing fuses, chances are there's a short somewhere in your system. I'd start by pulling the fairing off the front and checking all the wires in there, there's a lot of connectors and its possible the rubber sleeves are worn through and shorting to the frame around that area.

It's also possible that there's a high load due to a weak battery and that's what's causing the blown fuses, although if your battery is capable of starting the bike on its own, I'd think this is not really the problem, but as you said, let's not overlook anything at this point.

I guess it would be best to tell us which fuse you replaced on your bike, and what amperage you replaced it with too. Might be too small of a fuse and its poppin' because of the load of the lights/charging system.

If none of these give you a solution to the problem, I would suggest pulling every wire connection, lamps included (ie., headlight/turn signal/brake/park light bulbs from their sockets), and clean them up then lightly coat with dielectric grease. Resistance in a circuit can push the amperage up quite high if there's enough corrosion between two connectors!
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Re: Serious transmission/gearbox issue Paul49 06/27/22 03:45 PM
Has somebody had it apart?
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Re: XT225-- Any Problems With Rain? Paul49 06/27/22 03:24 PM
Originally Posted by peejman
The rear brake shoes delaminating and causing it to lock up is the one I recall. Our friends in the rainy UK seem to have experienced that the most. I don't ride in the rain if I can avoid it, but I did spend an entire day in the pouring rain a few year ago. The bike was fine, I got very cold.

Bit more than rain, riding through rivers caused the linings to fall off. Did it on my '79 DT175mx & did it just the same on my 2005 XT225, the one that got nicked. My current '97 Serow is a Japan model so has a disc both ends.
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Re: My fork springs upgrade. steel36 06/23/22 06:53 PM
Hey friends, this is an old thread but I haven't found updated info in the forum, so I thought I'd ask my questions here.

I have a 2006 XT225 and it is pretty soft for my 190 lbs. I've read all sorts of approaches, and I like the idea of progressive springs. I was wondering if the 11-1128 by progressive suspension setup would work for me up front, and the Hyperco 188A0350 would work in the rear (or is something else better?).

There's also an 11-1114 option that's less firm overall that might be preferable given that I'm lighter than the OP.

Maybe people have figured out better approaches, (like cutting down the existing spring and inserting a certain length of spacer), but a lot of the advice was older so I'm trying to learn.

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Re: Looking for battery side side panel Muniac 06/22/22 03:20 PM
A 3D printer uses slicing software. I've got a Prusa i3 MK3 which is too small for printing a side panel. It's what the slicer is comfortable importing that matters. PrusaSlicer is what I use which imports STL files fine. It will accept IGES and STEP but I've never needed to stray from STL. Larger curved unsupported surfaces are going to present challenges. Parts are printing on a flat heat bed via slices of extruded plastic beads built up in layers. You can't lay a bead down in thin air, there needs to be something to support the melted plastic. Slicers can detect this and include supports but there are limits. Texture is another factor. Printed plastic parts won't be smooth like an injection molded part. You'll see the bead lines as the layers are built up. Modeling the part in another challenge. Some require scanning equipment and software to get an accurate rendering. 3D printing plastic is tricky and not just pushing the button and walking away.

If someone went to the trouble to model that panel, they likely would have printed it. It would be good to see the results. If demand is high enough, some companies will do repro parts from injection molds. Good luck.
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Re: New Member Southern Oregon JerryH 06/20/22 08:23 PM
Welcome. Where abouts in southern OR? I have family in OR, little place called Forest Grove, about 20 miles west of Portland. I go up there for a couple of weeks at the time about twice a year. I wish I had a way to take a bike with me.
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Re: $75 Aftermark or $500 OEM Cylinder and Piston? JerryH 06/20/22 08:13 PM
I will never recommend chinese parts. Most of the time they are junk, and they are made in sweatshops in a communist country. But, if you are only going to rid it around close to home, and have a way to get the bike back home when/if it fails, it might be the way to go. I don't ride mine super long distances, but even 35 miles on road to a place to ride off road, then 20-25 miles out into the AZ desert would put me in a world of hurt if the bike broke down. No way to call for help, and not able to walk out. I have a SPOT device for life and death emergencies.
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Re: No chain slider JerryH 06/20/22 08:07 PM
I didn't know about that one or I would probably have gotten it. But now that it's done, I'm glad I did it the way I did. When I removed the swingarm and linkage, I found a bunch of worn out parts that needed to be replaced.
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Re: Front Brake Spongy then Seized while riding peejman 06/16/22 09:12 PM
That stinks that the brakes are corroded. Perhaps this is an opportunity to upgrade the marginal stock system.

As for the carb, did you warm the bike up? These bikes are notoriously cold natured. If I started mine and immediately tried to climb a hill, it would fall flat on its face too
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Re: Difficulty finding aftermarket XT225 exhaust Paul49 06/15/22 05:35 PM
I fitted a Delkevic exhaust, £130'ish.
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Re: 04 225 battery drain Muniac 06/14/22 08:18 PM
If you have a VOM you can measure terminal voltage at the battery. The OC voltage is 12.6V for a fully charged good lead acid battery. One start shouldn't deplete a good battery. But the headlamp and running lights draw current constantly and will eventually drain the battery. Keep in mind running a battery stone dead can damage it. With the bike running, you should see an increase in terminal voltage if the charging system is working. I think between 13.6V and 14.1V is typical. This will show on a VOM. If the battery voltage drops below 12.6V when the bike is running, your charging system isn't working. Connectors can corrode and wires can break. Sometime inside the insulation making it difficult to find. It's possible you damaged something when working on the carb.

As for phantom current draws, I've not heard of any on a stock XT225. This is easily checked with a VOM. Taking a voltage reading between the + battery terminal and the disconnected + battery lead should show 0V when the bike is off. With the key in the off position the battery circuit should be completely opened. If something is drawing current, it will show up on the VOM reading. Hope this helps.
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Re: Carb pilot screw issues (please help) peejman 06/13/22 01:01 PM
[Linked Image from]

The taper difference is enough to cause the number of turns to be potentially very different. It's possible that screw could be made to work, but will take some effort to figure it out.
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Re: 2009 XT250 Carburettor JerryH 06/07/22 04:08 PM
Doesn't sound like he was much of a mechanic. I would never have tried to force a pin out of the little projections that hold it in place. It is highly unlikely it is repairable, as there just isn't enough surface area to use any kind of adhesive. Also, both those little projections have to line up absolutely perfectly. The pin will not go through both of them if they are not perfectly lined up. They are the most fragile part of a carburetor. Most likely soaking it in solvent and a bit more patience would have gotten the pin out without damaging anything. A new carburetor is available, but it is not cheap. You can't buy just the body new. And I would be very careful buying a used one, as it could be damaged. A lot of used carburetors have been damaged by ethanol gas. Here is where you can get a completely new carburetor Properly treated a carburetor will last forever, but ham fisted mechanics and ethanol gas can ruin them. NEVER leave ethanol gas in a carburetor for very long. The float bowl has a drain plug. Use it.
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Re: Adjustable/Folding Levers peejman 06/06/22 01:37 PM
I would suspect a generic "Yamaha" version is what you'd have to find. I would think the mounting of the levers would be pretty common across the models.
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Re: Slow to turn over peejman 06/06/22 01:35 PM
If the only thing that's changed is the ECU, that would be the first place I'd look.
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Re: Hello from England MikeUK 06/06/22 01:10 PM
Here's Yamaha(UK)'s view: E10 Fuel.

Summary = E10 is generally fine for post-1990 bikes but take care with low-use / storage.

I generally just use BP Ultimate in motorbikes anyway. The cost difference is about 10% - that's not very significant with the economy of bikes and the mileages I do.
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Re: What year is it? Paul49 06/03/22 07:22 PM
The Japan model, which I have, has quite a few differences to the US model but the pillion footpeg locations aren't different, they are mounted to the frame, same as US.
I had a Brazil model before, that was same pillion peg mounts also.

My '79 DT175mx had pillion pegs on the swing-arm, but it was a totally different swing-arm, crazy design.
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