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Re: Are you riding a lot during the CV-19 shutdown?.. Beaker Yesterday at 09:34 PM
Originally Posted by Az4x4
.. Sweden hasn't jumped on the 'beat 'em into submission with strict social distancing rules and arrest 'em if they don't comply' bandwagon that other governments have adopted, and it's rate of infections are virtually no different than places that go whole hog bullying people and groups with police threats, heavy fines and 'big stick' policies designed to intimidate and control at all costs..

Are you sure?
(from )

Sweden has taken the ignominious title of the country with the world’s highest death rate from Covid-19. The title, which was was briefly held by the UK late last month, comes after Swedish officials decided to ignore the lockdown advice of countless health experts and kept the country largely open during the pandemic. The number of deaths per capita in Sweden is now more than four-times that of its Nordic neighbours.
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Re: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Users: 'Snap' package Heads Up.. Az4x4 Yesterday at 08:57 PM

With Ubuntu 20.04 installing snap packages when users specifically request .deb packages instead, people are asking if Linux Mint 20, the most popular Ubuntu re-spin of them all, and due to be released later this month, will likewise ship with snap packages set to install in place of .deb packages by default?

Here's the essence Mint's response to this question:

...In Linux Mint 20, if you want to install Chromium as a .deb package, it won’t be an empty package which functions as a trigger to install the 'snap package' version of Chromium in place of the .deb package you asked for, unlike the way Ubuntu 20.04 does this.

Linux Mint 20 won't permit 'snapd' to be installed behind your back. You'll be able to install it yourself if you wish, and Mint will document how to do this in Mint 20's release notes. However by default repository packages won't do this without your consent.

Basically, nothing to worry about with the soon to be released Linux Mint 20. 'Snap packages' won't be installed behind your back in place of .deb packages, just one of many improvements Mint will offer in Mint 20..
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Re: Disc brake maintenance? peejman Yesterday at 02:49 PM
My guess is that it just takes several hours for all the tiny (nearly invisible) bubbles to coalesce into bubbles large enough to be pushed out via fluid motion. Holding the system under pressure seems to accelerate that process.

Muniac's idea is a good one as well, sounds like how I've bled car master cylinders before.

And there's the joy of working with brake fluid itself, being a super effective paint stripper. I feel I should also mention to be sure you've got the correct brake fluid. DOT 3 and DOT 4 are interchangeable, with DOT 4 having a slightly higher boiling point. DOT 5 fluid is different and not compatible with systems designed for DOT 3 or 4.
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Re: New to forum, not to XT :) peejman Yesterday at 02:33 PM

Ron Ayers is another source for OEM parts.
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Re: Does xt225 have a starter jet ? peejman 06/02/20 11:42 AM
So are you using the choke and it's still very hard to start?

The mixture screw is the smallest orifice and usually the first to clog. This is different from the pilot jet, which is pretty big in comparison. It is possible that the carb is partially plugged up and the idle speed has been adjusted very high to compensate, but that usually makes it idle high once warmed up.

Have you tried the trick of turning the petcock off and running it dry (or nearly dry) between rides? If not, that's the first thing I'd suggest.

Otherwise, try this... Get some good liquid carb cleaner (Berryman or Seafoam are my choices). Close the petcock and drain the bowl. Pull the fuel line where it enters the bowl. Fill the bowl with the liquid carb cleaner and let it soak for a an hour or so. Pull the choke and crank the bike to pull the cleaner through the carb. Let that soak for an hour or so and repeat few times. Reconnect the fuel line and see if there's any improvement. If not, repeat that process a couple times and see if any improvement. If not, it'll likely have to come apart.
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Re: Girl needing help learning to tune up/clean carb Blueberries 06/02/20 07:46 AM
any updates BCgirl?
Fun to see another female mechanic on here
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Re: XT225 Tire Fitment, Usage and Review Guide Blueberries 06/02/20 07:33 AM
Originally Posted by JerryH
* Type of riding you do (on/off road mix)- 20% on road, 80% off road and dirt road
* Tire size- 2.75x21 front, 4.10x18 rear
* Tire make/model- Cheng Shin front C183, rear C755
* Price w/date- Rear $26.99 Front$17.99 Jan '10
* Where purchased (include link if available)
* How many miles you've used the tires- 10,000+
* Indicate front and/or rear- Both
* Wet, dry, mud performance as applicable- All
* Your comments, recommendations, observations and review.
What can I say? these are GOOD CHEAP tires, and wear like iron. They work good in sand, mud, water, gravel, hard packed dirt, and pavement. They are very easy to remove and install if you have a flat in the middle of nowhere. I am on my second set, I severely damaged the first set riding over a lot of sharp rocks. Still got 5,000+ miles out of them. I have over 6,000 on my second set, and they are in good shape. I have a third set ready to go on when these finally wear out. They should last 10,000 miles if you don't seriously abuse them. I run the super thick 4mm tubes in them.
* Any other information you deem helpful- You can pay a LOT more for tires and not beat these. Obviously if you ride mostly street, you would want a more street oriented tire. Jerry.

I need to double check but I think these are what I have on mine, and found them to be amazing performers on all types of terrain, including mud (not soupy mud, never tried). I even did a creek crossing with them submerged in water, across slippery creek bottom. It is kind of ridiculous.
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Re: XT225 Resto / recommissioning RobT2K 06/01/20 02:44 PM
I really love the retro look of your bike! I wish they still sold those decals

My 94 has been spray painted all flat black before i got it unfortunately

Good work on the restoration
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Re: New to me 94 XT225 needs going over RobT2K 06/01/20 02:47 AM
Ok, so ive got the speedo issue fixed, and seems to be working ok. I tried leaving the fuel petcock on if I'm riding consecutive days and that seems to make it easy to start for now. I taped over the holes in the airbox too.

I haven't pulled the carb yet, because i was itching to get out on the trail for a bit. I went on a good day ride and stretched its legs. Rode a little over 100 miles total, about 50/50 off and on road.

Went with a local group and i was easily the smallest CC and least expensive bike amongst a lot of bmws,teneres,ktms, and a couple Hondas. But the xt225 went everywhere they did and then some! Only a small group of us went to the very top of the trail, the big gs crew hung back


[img]Fire road exploration[/img]
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Re: Orange County to Corona & Back Adventure peejman 06/01/20 01:06 AM
Yikes. Major pucker factor there.
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Re: New to the xt225 Az4x4 05/31/20 08:34 PM

Glad to see you found the bike you were looking for, Mike. The '02 is among the best of the 225s, and as low mileage as yours is it's as near new as they come! Be safe as you enjoy your new ride, and enjoy it to the max!..
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Re: New Old Guy checking in NC Rider 05/31/20 02:14 PM
Welcome to the site from another old guy in NC. I'm in the Asheville area with an '09 XT250, and the bike performs superbly on everything in the area. I commute and ride long distances some times and wish it liked to go a little faster on the highway. I'd seen an XT225 on the Asheville Craig's list a week or so ago, I think the guy wanted to trade it for something.

(you may have already tried this one)

Have a great time when you get your bike
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Looking for '01-'07 XT225 Popeye 05/31/20 03:13 AM
Less than 5,000 miles and hopefully within a few hundred miles of Charlotte, NC
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Re: Muniac and other Rasberry Pi-4 fans take note!.. Muniac 05/30/20 04:36 PM
The Broadcom chip is the same as in the 4GB pi4. Broadcom is very closed lips about low lever interfacing. The issues I've had with the pi4 aren't memory but graphic library bugs like COIN3D that aren't likely to get addressed soon. Buster is the official O/S but I did load a version of Manjaro on the pi4 a couple of weeks ago. It loaded and seemed to run fine. Didn't install any software as I got derailed with other projects. As for the GPIO pins, I'm not sure how accessible they are under Manjaro. Very well supported with Buster. Most people won't use them except to plug a cooling fan in. Cooling fan and heat sinks are a good idea, BTW.

You won't get setup for $75 either. The 8Gb Canakits are $120 per their site. And you'll need all the goodies in those kits. I've purchased many of them and they are well thought through. Also required is an HDMI monitor (mini jack cable) and USB keyboard/mouse combination. You'll then have a functional workstation.

Chrome is the default browser but with some wiggling you can install FF. We've had trouble accessing Wells Fargo given its security profile refuses a connection from a pi4. The old Dell running FF gets in fine. The other 15 secure sites we access all work fine. Many hours of time was spent with WF tech support only to get the brush off. General browsing, email, spread sheets, LibreCAD, word processing and videos seem to all work fine. WiFi and ethernet also work without hassles. A 32 Gb SD card copies in about 20 minutes so system backups are very easy. Point, click and walk away. The WD USB passport drives also work fine as do thumb drives. I think GIMP and InkScape would also run fine. For software, you need builds for ARM7hf and more and more of them are out there. No go on Virtual Box and I doubt WINE is available. NoMachine networking works out of the box if you want to run headless. Some may find a headless desktop sluggish depending on display mapping.

All that said, the pi4 is a viable workstation for many basic computing tasks.
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Re: 04 Running hot and throttle question peejman 05/29/20 02:00 PM
You have a vacuum leak, the "hanging idle" is a classic symptom. Most likely source is the intake boot between the carb and cylinder. It cracks over time and has to be replaced. Other causes are the choke cover and the coasting enrichment circuit cover on either side of the carb.

The header glowing red can be an indication of lean mixture and vacuum leak. But... the header glowing red is also normal, depending on the conditions. The exhaust gets very hot when the bike is stationary running at a high idle with no air movement (in a garage or no breeze). Keep in mind the exhaust gas exiting the engine can be 1500F or more. If it was dark-ish, cloudy, or in a poorly lit garage, and no air flow to cool it, seeing the header turn red is normal.
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Re: Z1 mod, jet changes and still lean Craig1 05/27/20 03:35 PM
Go for a high speed ride with a roll of duct tape. Block off a a small amount of air box opening, and keep blocking a little more each WOT run. Is the problem getting better or worse. This will tell you if your problem is too lean or to rich.
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Re: new member JPouchet 05/26/20 08:15 PM
Nice video - some good looking trails. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: After a month with Linux Mint you'll notice.. Az4x4 05/26/20 03:48 PM

Did a Windows 7 to Mint 19.3 upgrade a couple of weeks ago for a lady who works with the Postal Service. She operates the Clay Springs Post Office on her own, and with the huge increase in postal business the CV-19 restrictions have brought, she's been helping at both the Heber and the Overgaard postal facilities when her work day at Clay Springs ends, leaving zero time to use her new Linux Mint system.

She called yesterday, Memorial Day, then stopped by with her laptop so I could 'walk her through' the basics again. Within moments her uncertainty was gone and she was comfortable with her new Linux Mint Mate' desktop. When she left she was excited to get home and do some work with her PC that she'd been putting off all this time!

It's fun to see people's faces light up when they shed whatever concerns they may have had and realize just how straight forward and uncomplicated working with Linux Mint Mate' on their PC can actually be! It's like they suddenly discover (or rediscover, as the case may be!) the fun that personal computing truly can be with Linux Mint.

Empowering people to do what they want, when they want, any way they want with their PC operating system, without Linux Mint barging in to insist they do things 'its way or the highway' -- like people are accustomed to Windows insisting things be done Microsoft's way, while making it tedious, slow, difficult and often dangerous to actually do them that way.

It's really no secret why Linux on the desktop is gaining users world wide at a rapid clip these days -- and helping with that transition in this small mountain top community is lots of fun!..
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Re: Questions on my 84 xt250 Az4x4 05/24/20 05:44 PM

So, Brothaman, any update on your '84 XT250 project? Don't leave us hanging. Keep us in the loop as things progress!..
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Re: Lucky Day Az4x4 05/24/20 05:30 PM

Originally Posted by Selden
..And to close the story.... New neighbor came by Tuesday with an envelope containing twenty $100 bills. I told him there was no rush. He said, "Let's do it now, before I change my mind.".....All in all, two happy campers. A good deal is when both parties are satisfied. When you know the buyer will take care of it, the deal is even better. And, when the buyer knows he can ask the seller for information and help, it's good for him as well..

Nice! Great deals like you made with the bike sale add up to a 'win' for both parties! Doesn't get better than that..
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Re: Problem with my 04’ XT225 dying Az4x4 05/24/20 05:26 PM

Dustin, haven't noticed any suggestions just yet on your bike problems. Maybe because you've provided rather limited info to work with, not really sure. Anyway, just wondering if you've made any progress sorting the issue out. Hope that's the case. Let us know where you are with it at this time..
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Re: The Troubled Future of Macs and macOS.. Az4x4 05/24/20 04:57 PM

Originally Posted by Muniac
..I have one HP EliteBook running WIndows10... That PC isn't connected to the internet... The applications I run are fine and perform well. That's all I care about at this point..

As long as a Windows 10 PC isn't connected to the internet, and all it's used for is to run certain stand alone apps, you're 'good to go!'. Hook it up to the internet and that's a whole other ball game..
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Re: How Can Linux Mint Run Windows Apps?.. Az4x4 05/24/20 04:44 PM

Microsoft, no doubt noting the success Linux has had with its ability under WINE to run Windows apps on the Linux desktop, is working towards bringing as much of the Linux world into Windows as they can - without going to extremes. They're making it possible to run Linux GUI apps on Windows 10, complete with hardware acceleration. “Soon you’ll be able to use your favorite Linux IDE or other GUI application alongside your other Windows applications on your Windows desktop,” Microsoft explains.

Windows Subsystem for Linux v2 now comes with a full Linux kernel, plus the WSLv2 Linux file system is accessible via Windows ‘File Explorer’. Adding support for launching and running Linux GUI apps seems the next logical move.

This effort is primarily geared towards running more technically intensive apps than simply browsing through your favorite photo library, but it’ll make hardware accelerated OpenGL and OpenCL on WSLv2 a fact of life, so you’ll be able to use any of your favorite Linux GUI apps in Windows 10 any time you like - or so say those in the know.

Windows and Linux apps will get exactly the same access to the GPU, sharing its resources based solely on workload requirements. Graphically intensive Linux apps will be first-class citizens on Windows 10 under WSLv2, again per those in the know.

Microsoft’s work on WSLv2 is largely intended to encourage increased use of Windows 10 by software developers, who in recent years have abandoned Windows in droves moving to open-source Linux. Still it’s more than just ‘interesting’ to see Windows jumping on the Linux bandwagon with both feet, doing everything they can to encourage Linux developers and users to rethink their abandonment of Windows by including increased Linux functionality with WSLv2 in Windows 10. What Microsoft’s ‘end game’ in all this will be is anyone’s guess right now - not even sure that Microsoft knows just yet.

Will this new effort bring Linux developers and users ‘back to Windows?’ I doubt that will be the case, certainly not ‘in mass’ like they’ve moved away from Windows to Linux these past few years.

Moving from Linux back to Windows would be like strapping a 100lb sack of rocks to a world class marathon runner's back and asking him to run a race while trying to carry such an unwieldy and unwanted load. It makes no sense -- at all.
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Re: I need passenger pegs! RobT2K 05/23/20 11:47 PM
That sounds great! Thanks for the offer! Please PM me the payment details and cost!
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Re: Aloha from Hawaii Carakatus 05/20/20 02:05 AM
Where do you live on big island? I live here too...
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