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Re: New to me XT225 carb issue… Muniac 03/22/23 08:16 PM
I believe in creating some good karma for those in need. I'm very glad the carb body has fixed your issues. Enjoy the new found performance and ride safely. Bikes are gone here but the memories live on. We now ride vicariously with others on this site. Stay safe out there.
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Re: No top end power Muniac 03/22/23 02:42 PM
Yes it is. Especially when what's busted is between you and enjoyment. Thanks for posting and providing reference material. Many hands make light work. Ride safely.
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Re: '02 225 Problems Starting — please advise peejman 03/21/23 02:50 PM
What you describe sounds like an electrical problem. Multi-meter on the battery. As Paul says, it should hold a charge for a least a week (more like 8 weeks) with very little discharge.

Keep the meter on the battery when you try to start it. Voltage shouldn't drop a much while starting. If it drops below about 10V, the battery is bad.

Once it's running, you should get 13-14V across the rev range. Sometimes 12.5V right at idle, but it should come up to 13-14 pretty quickly and stay there once above idle. If not, it could be the stator or the regulator/rectifier. There's a trouble shooting process in the shop manual for those.

The plug itself could be bad.
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Re: Happy to be here. JerryH 03/19/23 05:22 AM
Welcome. I live about 25 miles southeast of Phoenix, in the AZ desert. I got a Clarke tank for my bike as soon as they became available, and also carried an extra gallon of gas in two 1/2 gallon plastic jugs in a set of tank mounted panniers. I used to go out and literally ride all day long in the desert. I also have a rack on my bike, as well as a centerstand and a kickstarter. Unfortunately, due to some fairly serious orthopedic issues, I no longer ride way out into the desert by myself. I can still ride, but I have had a lot of flat tires while riding out in the desert, and am no longer able to fix a flat tube type tire by myself out in the middle of nowhere, so a flat would leave me stranded out there, and I am unable to walk out. I did ride the XT about 20 miles on pavement a couple weeks ago, I have a roadside assistance plan that includes towing if I had a flat tire. But it doesn't work off road. I'm keeping the bike for now, in the hope that things get better. My former sister in law and her family sometimes ride quads out in the desert, and if I could go with them, they could help me fix a flat, or load the bike on a trailer. Enjoy your XT.
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Re: Brake bleeding Muniac 03/15/23 03:39 PM
I've used a slightly different method on my XTs. Get some tygon tubing that will fit snugly over the bleed nipple. Push that over the nipple and return the other end to an elevated plastic cup with some fluid in it. Open the bleed valve. Feed the master cylinder with clean fresh brake fluid and carefully pump that through the system. Keep that going until the exiting fluid is clean. Take the open end of the tygon tube and submerge that into the master cylinder's reservoir. This recirculates fluid and works as an air separator. Add fluid as needed to keep the reservoir properly full. Depending on how adept you are when transferring the tube from cup to reservoir you may lose a small amount of fluid. That will need to be made up. If bubbles appear in the tube, continue pumping them out. They will exit in the reservoir and float to the surface. Keep the tube submerged all the times. When all the air bubbles are gone, close the bleed valve. Drain the tube into the cup. Button up the reservoir cap.

I'd done tons of mountain bike brake systems this way which are a HUGE PITA for a lot a reasons I won't go into. I simply transferred the method over to the XT which is much simpler. As always, use the method you're most comfortable with. On mountain bikes, dripping fluid out a bleed valve can perpetually ingest air on the back stroke of the master cylinder. With the hose you can see fluid reverse flow. If the hose end is submerged then a back flow sucks in fluid not air. Bubbles escape and float to the surface. Eventually all the air is gone. Hydraulic brakes on mountain bikes usually use mineral oil. Work safely.
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Re: Installing a rear rack Az4x4 03/09/23 07:02 PM

Originally Posted by flyinhawaiian968
While I don't use google photos, a little searching around came up with this solution. Don't know if it really works or not, but I'd say its worth a try!

– Find photo on Google photo
– Bring up image full screen
– Right click (or similar on tablet) on photo and click open image in new tab. This is important as it gives a longer URL for some reason.
– Copy full URL from this new tab
– In this forum, use "full editor" when posting image, Use the ‘Insert image link’ button at the top of the editing screen and paste the URL into the pop up window.
– At the end of the copied url add .jpg
– Press OK and be a tiny bit patient. javascript: void(0)

I've modified the above to work with this forum (it was initially written for another forum), but because I don't use google photos, I can't test it out. Hopefully this works for you though.

[Linked Image from]
Works perfectly, as shown in the photo of my snow covered Tacoma that I linked (per the method FlyinHawaiian outlined) from my Google Photos storage.. The actual link, once you open the photo you want to display here in a new tab, is hugely long. But once you copy and paste it into the page where you want it displayed, then add ".jpg" to the end of the link and bracket it with '[img] link to your photo with .jpg added to it [/img]', it displays perfectly wherever you want it to appear..
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2007 XT225 for sale here in NC Kinseyd 03/06/23 06:02 PM
If anyone is interested, there’s a pretty nice, clean looking XT225 for sale on Facebook Marketplace in Sherrills Ford NC.
It has decent off-road mods like hand guards, rear rack, and oversized foot pegs.

I have the identical bike with the same number of miles, 10.4K It’s tempting to buy it as a spare parts bike, but I mustn’t.

It’s not a steal at $3000 asking price, but as you guys know they’re desirable bikes.

I do not know the seller and haven’t seen the bike.

Just do the search on Marketplace if you want to find it.

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Re: Windshields AZ Desert Wolf 03/03/23 04:34 PM
Originally Posted by AZ Desert Wolf
Don't know if I should continue this post or start a new one given the time that has elapsed, but wanted to advise on my experience with the National Cycle Deflector Screen that I purchased and installed. I had ordered the U-Clamp hardware as opposed to the quick mount, as it was all steel construction vs plastic and I did not plan to take the shield on and off. I mounted it exactly as specified and I would rate the look and quality of the screen itself to be very good. I also thought the wind deflection properties were quite effective, as it directed the air over my helmet and around my torso.

Unfortunately, the one major problem was the bars from the mounting hardware may not have been thick enough, as there was an annoying vertical shaking or vibration of the screen when riding. The shaking occurred even on smooth pavement and was especially bad when on bumpier roads. I did not try taking it off-road, but I would guess that it would have moved so much that it would have been hitting the top of the front fairing. I tried adjusting it multiple different angles, but the shaking remained. I communicated with a rep and manager at National Cycle and they did try to help, but they also told me that some shaking was normal. What annoyed me the most was when they told me that the windshield may not be right for my application (putting it on a XT250), since I had to mount it with the bracket rods extended most of the way out (leaving only an inch of rod sticking through the eyebolts on the brackets on the handlebars). I pointed out to them that when I entered my specific motorcycle on their website, it specified this particular windshield, so it was the one for my application.

Needless to say, I decided the movement was not acceptable, as it was distracting and if I did want to take the bike on any light trails, I would have to remove the shield. As such, I decided to return it, although I have to eat at least a 15% restocking fee from Summit Racing where I bought it. I'm going to try using the bike without any screen, but if I want to take the wind off my chest, I will likely try out the Parabellum next, as it is designed specifically for the XT250 and mounts directly to the fairing. I would post pics of my attempts with the National Cycle shield, but I still have yet to figure out how to put them into the site.

If anyone else has the Parabellum on their XT, please let me know how satisfied you are with it's ability to deflect the wind. Ride safe.

***Have to update my prior post slightly, as Summit Racing got back to me on my windshield return and ended up refunding 100% of the purchase price. They had said there would be a 15% restocking fee, but I guess they reconsidered when they saw the product was returned in pristine condition. So in all fairness, I wanted to shout out and note that they came through with a positive customer service experience in the end.
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Re: Greetings from Northern California Norcalfisher 03/03/23 12:06 AM
Thanks onceona50!

It sounds like that fellow who went down was very fortunate that you were there to help, Muniac. I intend to ride motorcycles until I’m no longer able to. As far as proper riding gear, the pros far outweigh the cons for me. I admit that I do occasionally wear jeans and tennis shoes; usually when putting around camp in the dirt. I always wear a helmet without exception.
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Re: Hello from Australia Muniac 02/26/23 06:55 PM
No problems. Just want to see people stay safe and avoid crashing. You may go through several tire choices before finding the best ones. Otherwise known as kissing a few toads before the prince. Stay safe.
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Re: Greetings from the UK onceona50 02/25/23 09:14 AM
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Re: I've been away for a while onceona50 02/25/23 09:13 AM
Welcome back!
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