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Re: No electric power, no lights, good battery peejman Yesterday at 03:29 PM
I'd check the main fuse, the battery connections both positive and negative. As mentioned, there's no telling what was done to hot wire it.
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Re: Need shifter for a 2012 peejman Yesterday at 03:25 PM
Based on this it appears to be p/n 5XT-18110-20-00
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Re: Carb - What is the brass tube in float bowl? conick Yesterday at 03:47 AM
I received the new air cutoff valve cover in the mail, and decided to go with my JB-weld reinforcement idea. I used JB-Kwik because I had it on hand, and I feel like it is less viscous than the standard JB-weld, and easier to apply for situations like this (I love JB-weld and Kwik). I roughed up the plastic real well with 80grit (thanks for the tip Muniac!), and gooped it on! Made sure to leave clearance for the screw hole close by.

I have some other service items to do on the bike, and a busy schedule, so I'll probably be ready for the first test ride in a week or two. I'll make sure to follow up with results!

(Note, the photos are of the new cover. I tossed the cracked one)

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]
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Re: New Member XT250 Eyesenish Yesterday at 02:45 AM
thank you guys!
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Connectivity - PCs, Browsers & OS Help Jump to new posts
Re: HOW TO: Replace Win 7 with Linux Mint 19.3.. Az4x4 02/27/20 04:16 PM

LMDE4 Beta is now running in a virtual machine on my PC. Additions to the full release will be incorporated into the Beta via Mint's regular updates, so it's ready right now. Updating your old Toshiba with LMDE4 sounds like a great move. Let us know how it goes.

My wife's daughter brought her three year old HP Pavilion running Windows 10 to me complaining she couldn't use it any longer as bogged down performance wise and filled with pop up junk ads as it was. She was so 'tired of messing with Windows' that she asked me to back up her personal data and put Linux Mint in it's place. Her mom and I run Mint on all our computers, so she knew how pleased we were with it and decided to give it a shot herself.

I backed up all her personal data, reformatted the drive, and put a fresh installation of Linux MInt 19.3 Mate' on her machine. Copied her data back to the new Mint installation, added a few programs she needed, and everything works great. She couldn't be happier, saying she should have made this move much earlier than she did. She never realized how much better her computer was capable of serving her until Windows simply couldn't do what she needed it to do anymore and made the move to Mint.
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Re: California Restrictions on Carb Rebuild Kits toslow 02/27/20 02:49 AM
Originally Posted by JPouchet
Originally Posted by #brer15
I'm confused.
I thought California required emission testing on bikes, is this correct?

Me too! Appears that RockyMountainATVMC is alone in the universe for not shipping carb rebuild kits to California.

Once I started Internet shopping I found a good dozen out-of-state companies that had no problem shipping a rebuild kit.

As noted by @ptxyz no emission testing in California for motorcycles. At least not yet. Give our state legislaters enough time and they will add MCs to the list.


I've done a lot with Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. Top notch company. They are probably the only ones obeying the law/rules.
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Re: Ground Hog Day 2020 toslow 02/27/20 02:41 AM
Originally Posted by JPouchet
Great photos, nice ride report. Thanks for sharing. Keep 'em coming as the roads clear out and the hills turn green.

And a sweet build on that bike!

Thanks on the build. I really enjoy working on the bike. Seat Concepts is next.
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Re: WTB OEM muffler JPouchet 02/26/20 11:31 PM
Check on eBay for NOS and/or previous used. I saw a few there when I was searching for a slip-on FMF. Decided against modifying my stock muffler and frankly to cheap to buy a slip-on. So I'm just riding stock. Works.


Although be very careful with eBay! Not at all happy with eBay's poor post purchase service. I bought a chain guard for my XT225. Arrived broken. Seller said they would provide refund. NOTHING! China firm acting as a US entity. Will not go that route again.

So do be careful.
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Re: DIY XT-225 valve adjust JPouchet 02/26/20 12:12 AM
Just did a valve adjustment two weekends ago. Followed most of this process but did not remove side cover to check timing marks. Just put bike in 4th gear, turned rear wheel, watched valves open/close etc. a few cycles, Confirmed TDC with wooden dowel in spark plug hole.

at 7,000 mile mark this appeared to be the first valve adjustment on the bike. Both were at zero/0 zippo no clearance cold. Meaning one or more valves were partially open when hot. Could explain why the bike pulled ok when cold but lost power especially at the upper RPM range once warm.

Now pulls like a tractor down low and revs beautifully when I punch it in lower gears. Tossed a few nice rooster tails on the trail this last weekend.


[Linked Image from]

No problem running with the new Honda CRF250 Rally
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Re: Heads Up: Apple's iOS is now *ad-ware*.. Az4x4 02/25/20 06:30 PM

Originally Posted by Muniac
.....for backups and music I much prefer my own devices, methods and libraries. Things that don't depend on an internet connection and/or service. Just provides a bit of peace of mind..

Ditto that, Scott! +++1!!

As you noted, no one forces anyone to buy into anything OS wise. Those who like the idea of placing their on-line life in the hands of Apple, or Microsoft for that matter, regardless of the cost in dollars and personal security that doing so entails, blindly trusting these companies to 'do right by them' while not minding the full-bore 'ad-ware' with all its in-your-face annoyances that iOS, macOS, and Win10 have become, then all the best to them. My sister and her family are part of the dyed in the wool Apple crowd. My youngest son is mixed Apple and Windows, while my oldest son is a dedicated Linux user, as are my wife and I.

Interesting how through the decades Apple and Microsoft have steadily moved towards their respective versions of 'walled garden' operating systems who's primary reason-for-being is that 'captive audiences' are easier to bend to the company's will, providing a massive 'cash cow' herd of users willing to 'pay-to-play' no matter the cost.

Again, not saying this isn't brilliant marking, ensuring massive profits for these companies. Just saying that the Apple OS I knew when we used Macs at work doing graphics, and the Microsoft OSs, from MS-DOS to Windows 3.x through 7, OSs I was intimately familiar with and enjoyed using, were offered by companies whose priorities were a lot more 'user oriented' in those days as opposed to 'company oriented' as we see them today.

Hey, if I were a shareholder of Apple and/or Microsoft stock I'd be singing a different tune, no doubt about it! I'd probably still be using Linux Mint on my own PCs, but I'd be encouraging people to buy into all the latest and greatest marketing ploys these two giants roll out!..
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Re: Fuel leaking... Muniac 02/25/20 04:55 PM
The fuel petcock has an O-ring in there which can dry out. It's easy to take the knob off (set screw) and two screws that hold the valve together. You can pull out the valve body and see the O-ring around it. Might be worth replacing that for good measure. Ethanol is tough on those rubber parts. Good luck with repairs.
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Re: Speedo error JPouchet 02/24/20 09:33 PM
My 2007 XT225 is off by apps 4 MPH at 60MPH indicated - the radar speed according to twi different Your Speed Is radar speed signs - 56 MPH. Speed limit sign is for a 55 zone. I've tried apps 64/65 yo get 60MPH / 61 indicated on the signs

Good enough for me right now.

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Re: Fairing version 3.0 Az4x4 02/23/20 02:59 PM

Nicely done, looks great, well designed!
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Re: new member Muniac 02/22/20 05:34 PM
The XT's low inseam height is an advantage when you need to dab out sections of trail. Or get stuck climbing an uphill and need to reach the ground and support the bike. But that lower inseam comes at the expense of suspension travel. It's all about compromise and balance for the riding you will safely enjoy.

Over the years, I haven't found too many places were I needed more suspension and/or more HP than what the XT provided. If that was required, I'd find another trail section or system. One of the overriding features of the XT was its simplicity and reliability.
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South Korea: Betting on Linux for the long run.. Az4x4 02/22/20 04:26 PM

Having earlier posted about the Chinese government's move to Linux and open-source software, now it's South Korea's turn.

South Korea just announced they will switch all the computers used in central, local, and public institutions to a Linux operating system starting the end of this year. Their announcement comes barely a month after support for Microsoft Windows 7, the operating system most used by South Korea, was abruptly ended.

South Korea, much like China, says it wants to reduce its reliance on Microsoft and Windows, cutting out the massive amount they've been paying Microsoft for support and software licensing fees.

Choi Jang-hyuk, South Korea’s head of Ministry of Strategy and Finance, says: “We will resolve our dependency on a single company while reducing the budget by introducing an open-source operating system.

Linux distros for the most part are freely available. However, South Korea estimates that migrating their approximately 3.3 million PCs from Windows 7 to Linux will cost them approximately $655 million USD. This will cover selection, installation, implementation and transition support fees, along with the purchase of a great many badly needed new PCs.

South Korea will begin testing to explore compatibility and security issues this transition may encounter, settling on the best way to overcome them when they arise. Many of South Korea’s websites, network devices, and software needs were designed for Windows 7, so this initial testing phase is essential.

If South Korea proves Linux can successfully replace Windows 7 system wide, and that shouldn't be a huge problem given the cutting edge state of Linux and open-source, a broad roll-out beginning the end of this year is scheduled to follow. Once proven successful South Korea’s move to Linux and open-source software could be the sort of trailblazing event that governments worldwide seek to duplicate.

Time will tell..
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Re: New to the XT250! Now what first? JDon2whls 02/22/20 06:18 AM
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Re: Engine Swap. Post 2001 into a 93 xt225 ptxyz 02/22/20 05:46 AM
before twisting bolts, see if there's a similar difference in the flywheels (ignition pickups - that rectangular bit, machined into the outside of the flywheel, toward the bottom in the image - the one on the left of the picture is short, the one on the right is much longer). seems like that pickup can easily send a signal that will mess up the native cdi...
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Re: New to the forum, Frankenstein xt #brer15 02/21/20 08:32 PM
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Re: New Member Muniac 02/20/20 11:34 PM
Welcome to the site as a new USER. Enjoy and ride safely. My brother lives in Canadensis. Post on!
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Re: Bike wont start after TTR Engine Swap? Ignition? brur8076 02/20/20 10:34 PM
Did you ever get this to work? I'm having similar issues putting a post 2001 xt225 engine into my 93. I also cut the wires and have fuel, compression, spark and no firing. Maybe a clunk every 4 or so cranks. What did you end up doing to fix?

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Re: Time for Tires onceona50 02/20/20 06:52 PM
Bought a set of Dunlop D605's. Be awhile before I get them mounted and run them.
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Re: Carburetor: Idle needle screw- No oring or spring? Az4x4 02/19/20 05:50 PM

Great that you solved the problem with the help the guys provided. Once it's back together with all its parts in place and adjustments made your bike should run lots better..
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Re: Dirt Bike Boot Camp indigoer 02/17/20 06:37 AM
Good quality pics
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Chrome: Set to go all 'Big Brother' on us.. Az4x4 02/16/20 10:22 PM

Google's Chrome web-browser, beginning with Chrome 62, set to be released in April, will begin to ensure that all the downloads it handles are from secure (HTTPS) pages.

Joe DeBlasio, with Chrome's security team, blogged as follows: "Insecurely-downloaded files are a risk to users' security and privacy. For instance, insecurely-downloaded programs can be swapped out for malware by attackers, and eavesdroppers can read users' insecurely-downloaded bank statements."

Chrome 82 will warn users if they're about to download mixed content executables from a secure website.

When Chrome 83 is released, those mixed content executable downloads will be blocked and the warning will be applied to archive files.

PDFs and .doc files will get the warning in Chrome 84. Audio, images, text, and video files will display it once Chrome 85 is released.

Finally, Chrome 86 will block all mixed content downloads - non-secure files coming from a secure site. Google estimates an October release for that build of their web browser.

Not yet sure how this will affect the majority of users, but it'll be different - that's for sure. Of course there's always ways to download things you want or need by bypassing Google's browser and using something that doesn't monitor and control your every move like Chrome is on track to do..
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Re: A few more ponies please ? Az4x4 02/16/20 09:43 PM

Originally Posted by NoBs
.....I wish I had the luxury of waiting another year for the new model but that's a lot of riding lost and undoubtedly more money for the new unit.. I can barely afford the left over 2019's as it is although they certainly don't drop much from one model year to the next..

They keep their price pretty consistently, one year to the next. You have to go back three or more years it seems to begin to notice prices coming down - and that's mostly on previously owned XT250s.

Even the much older XT225s, when you locate a good one (which isn't easy these days, at least not here), don't go down in price very much. Good ones still have a hefty price tag attached, and that's gone up the last few years - ever more limited supply and undiminished demand at work.

Wish we knew more about Yamaha's plans to replace the XT250 in 2021. Same seat height, similar weight, more power - people can only hope..
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