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Re: 2007 XT225 fire damaged peejman 8 hours ago
That would explain it... sorry to hear that.
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Re: Ridin' Arklahoma! Az4x4 Yesterday at 03:04 PM

'Wild Child' and her AT-3 125 seem a perfect match. Good on her and good on both of you for getting out and about on two wheels as often as you do!

The closest I ever came to the AT-3 125 two stroke was a new Honda 125 four stroke trials bike back in the mid '70s. Loved that little mountain goat like Wild Child loves her AT-3!

Enjoy your riding adventures and keep the reports coming!
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Re: '06 Fuel Tank Attachment Bolt peejman Yesterday at 02:29 PM
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Re: Blame it on my sister peejman Yesterday at 02:26 PM

You've hit on one of the things I like about the XT. The lack of power makes it harder to try things faster than would be smart, and the mediocre suspension lets you know pretty quickly when you're going too fast. I tend to think of things more like a trials rider would anyway... faster isn't necessarily better.
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Re: Calling Paul49 peejman Yesterday at 02:23 PM
I foresee another long, lonely winter for a lot of people.

I guess we were fortunate with our kids in that we decided to start home-schooling them in 2018, so we were prepared and had a little time in prior to the shutdown.

Tennessee is publishing the data sets for the testing and results. I'm quite confident that the data is significantly flawed as reported, but it's all there is for now. I don't know if other states are providing data or not.

I looked at it a few days ago and found a few interesting things... Of a population of 6.9M, 3.5M tests have been administered. I know it's not 1 for 1, but on the surface that's 50% of the population. So that makes me wonder about the total number of those getting regularly tested (medical, athletes, ...) and what percentage that represents.

Another interesting thing is the "probable" rate. Best I'm aware, "probable" means someone in close contact with someone who's positive. So if I test positive, then the rest of my family (3 people) are listed as probable. The data doesn't show a huge number of probables, but it's not insignificant either.

Then there's this article, in the NY Times of all publications, that talks about how the tests are performed.

Tests with thresholds so high may detect not just live virus but also genetic fragments, leftovers from infection that pose no particular risk — akin to finding a hair in a room long after a person has left. .... In Massachusetts, from 85 to 90 percent of people who tested positive in July with a cycle threshold of 40 would have been deemed negative if the threshold were 30 cycles, Dr. Mina said.
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Happy Halloween! Az4x4 10/29/20 08:55 PM

TUX says, 'Enjoy a Happy and Safe Halloween!'

[Linked Image from]
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Re: New Member from Manitoba Muniac 10/28/20 09:20 PM
Jay - Welcome to the site as a new USER. Good luck scoring a bike. Plenty of expertise here to query as you have questions. Enjoy and ride safely.
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Re: Xt problems peejman 10/28/20 01:18 PM
How warm is the engine when you're getting this bogging issue? These engines are notoriously cold natured, it takes at least 5-10 minutes of riding to get them up to temperature. Sometimes longer if it's cold.

Are you using 100% gas?

Since you've cleaned the jets, what's in it? They should have numbers stamped into the jet that says what size it is. Any shims under the needle?

I see that Edgewood NM is at about 6700ft. That altitude will have an impact on the bike, the thinner air can make it run rich. Try removing the air filter cover (not the filter, just the cover) and see if that makes any difference on a short ride.
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Re: Just bought '98 xt255 and have carb issues, help peejman 10/26/20 01:28 PM
Originally Posted by skypupbob
Welcome to the forum !
Please do not start changing jets before you give the carb a good cleaning . From your description, it sounds like the pilot jet is plugged . Since it is the smallest jet it is the one that causes the most problems. From a diagram ,find the pilot jet ,remove it and blow carb cleaner through it. Some people poke a small piece of copper wire or bread tie wire through it just to make sure it is open. Hold it up to the light so you can look through it. Now do that to the rest of the jets in the carb reassemble and see how it runs.
A word of caution. The screws that hold the float bowl on are soft. Also the jets are soft brass screwing into the soft carb body. Be careful !

I'd add to this to remove the mixture screw and clean that passage as well. Install a fuel filter if it doesn't already have one and check the tank for any signs of rust.
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Re: The Elusive Clutch Cable for a ‘97 CocoRC 10/24/20 12:09 AM
Yeah it was definitely a diamond. I’ll update this thread in case when it arrives first week of November in case any one else wants to grab the last one!
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Re: Exploring Wildomar OHV onceona50 10/23/20 09:44 PM
Last time I rode the Ortega Highway it was 1968 and I was on a Honda 160 Scrambler. Good memories.
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MS Now Installs "Unwanted" Apps in Win10 Az4x4 10/19/20 04:18 PM

According to a report this morning by's senior news editor, Microsoft once again is forcing Windows 10 restarts to install 'Unsolicited, Unwanted' Office Apps without permission. He reports that Windows 10 restarted to install "..unsolicited, unwanted web app versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook onto my computer..

Going on he writes, "OK, it's not as bad as when my entire computer screen got taken over by an unwanted copy of Microsoft Edge. That was truly egregious. No, this time Microsoft is merely sneaking unwanted web apps onto my PC — and using my Windows 10 Start Menu as free advertising space. Did I mention that icons for Microsoft Office apps have magically appeared in my Start Menu, even though I've never once installed Office on this computer?

"These aren't full free copies of Office, by the way. They're just shortcuts to the web version you could already access in any web browser of your choice, which double as advertisements to pay for a more fully featured copy... They're the latest proof that Microsoft doesn't respect your ownership of your own PC, the latest example of Microsoft installing anything it likes in a Windows update up to and including bloatware, ....."

Full article HERE..

Any of our group who find themselves similarly targeted by Microsoft with the sudden installation of "unsolicited, unwanted Office Apps," who are tired of being slaves to MS and want to OPT OUT of these 'we own your computer, you don't - and we'll do what we want with it whenever we want' strong arm tactics Microsoft uses, the way forward to PC freedom, where you call the shots with your own computer and MS has no say in anything you do, has never been easier or more accessible than it is today!
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Re: Politics Question Muniac 10/19/20 04:04 PM
The English have always been our allies. Chris McGlade nails many things that need to be said. Thanks for posting as I've not seen his material before.

As for Biden, for those who know no explanation is required. For those that don't, no explanation is possible. From Simon & Garfunkel's tune "The Boxer". Still a man hears what he wants to hear. And disregards the rest.

Section 230 is under review as it should be. Hopefully that reigns in the BIG tech social media firms. A bit more fair and balanced reporting would certainly be welcome. That said, some good content on the internet if you're willing to dig a bit.
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Re: Dead Front Brake Paul49 10/17/20 08:10 PM
A new rotor with new pads is as good as it can get. What condition is the rotor?
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Re: rear shock length? JPouchet 10/14/20 10:15 PM
See this older post -

May be an option for you as well


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Re: 2006 XT 225 For Sale Az4x4 10/10/20 02:00 PM

Glad it's not local to me. Otherwise there's little doubt I'd bring another XT home and go on riding! Can't imagine that bike will be on the market for long as nicely as it's set up..
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Re: XT225 at Snap Point on the Arizona Strip... Paul49 10/09/20 03:27 PM
That's brill, I nicked that photo.
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Re: 1995 XT 225 Air Box Cover skypupbob 10/08/20 12:54 AM
Rocky Mountain ATV MC has new ones for $16.35
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Re: XT250 Serow Speedo to MPH BillV 10/03/20 06:54 PM
As may be of interest, the SpeedoDRD may be better suited to XTs with an electronic speedo. But beware of the pickup's waveform as it relates to compatibility issues, i.e. you're taking chances if it isn't specifically listed for the bike. Having said that, in the few interactions I've had with 12oclocklabs, he's been very helpful.

If you search for "speedometer pulses per mile", it seems that 8000 was once a standard of sorts. No idea if it applies to the XT.

The "best" way to correct it is to reprogram the eeprom. You can see this done on youtube for the odometer reading of cars. That's probably what the specialist in Ben's post was doing and the police are fairly sensitive to it (in the US it can run afoul of state and Federal law). But in addition to the odometer reading, there also are memory locations for the mileage rate, i.e. the pulses per mile. Such information is available (not widely) for the major sportbikes but probably not so for bikes like the XT.
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Re: Linux Mint 20.1, code-name “Ulyssa”.. Muniac 10/03/20 06:19 PM
I loaded another Dell 1501 Inspiron PC with Mint 20 Ulyana. Did the usual upgrade thereafter. My other PC still runs Mint 19.3 which I'll leave alone until I'm certain all is well with Mint 20. I bring files over on my USB WD 2 Tb Passport drive. Mint 20 is considerably slower to boot and a little slower to shut down. I usually leave my PC run 24x7. Also the small graphic windows that pop up when you mouse over tabs get garbled sometimes. FF is now V81.0 up from V66.0b on the old system. Otherwise the system seems to run fine. FF, FileZilla, Geany, Thunderbird and the Arduino IDE are my main applications. This PC is a knock around computer. The serious stuff goes on the Dell Precision M4800 (Manjaro).

I did like being able to plug my printer into the USB port, having it detected and drivers installed automatically. That was a nice change from having to install CUPS and do a manual configure. I haven't played around yet with installing a virtual PDF printer. Comes in handy for certain things. I think Mint 20 will butter the biscuit for what I'll load. I need to make allowances for running on 15 year old hardware. The Dell that I'm on now has an 80 Mb HD which gives me 20 additional Mbs of space. Never hurts.

The WiFi drivers don't work on these old Dells which is a known problem going back to Mint 17. I solved that some years ago with locating the old B43 Broadcom drivers which are stored in a b43 directory in /lib/firmware/ The boot process scans for them and does a load. Nice to have WiFi but I'm on an ethernet connection now. If the internet goes down here, I can create a WiFi hot spot with my phone. That would be an emergency BU situation. We'll see how it all performs over time.
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Re: Good Deal on Ebay for a Kick Start BillV 10/03/20 06:19 PM
P.S. I noticed that the instruction translation states that the item 18 O-ring should not be used after model 5MP. I'm suspicious that 5MP is 2001-2007 and that the text should read "not be used on model 5MP" or "not be used on or after model 5MP" or "not be used after model 4JG". I'll update the text if a concensus can be reached here about it.
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Re: Skid plate cushion replacement Muniac 10/01/20 06:32 PM
Yes there seems to be some things upside down. The two round rubber bumpers face (and hit) the engine case. Same for the bumper near the edge. The skid plate is dished to cup the bottom of the engine. As for the rubber pad, it just lays in the bottom of the dish approximately centered. Such was the situation for our two bikes (2003 XT225). When the skid plate is installed it will be completely smooth from the front leading all the way to the rear wheel. Thus allowing an uninterrupted skid.

As mentioned, that plate is very ductile and is designed to bend easily. Using a ball pein hammer or rubber mallet you can pound out dents. Place the skid plate in a sand box or deep towel stack and pound from the convex direction to restore the shape. Good luck.
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Re: Portable pickup bed winch mount? Az4x4 10/01/20 03:47 PM

Originally Posted by JPouchet that I have a winch I would consider just using one and a step stool to make the step up to the bed of the truck... JP..

Personally, for what it's worth, I'd avoid a 'step stool' to assist in loading a bike. You might be fine with it 99 times out of a 100, but the one time you've got your bike half way up the ramp and your footing on the step stool that particular moment causes you to slip, will probably be the last time you load your bike from a perch like that.

Would hate to see you or anyone else lose control of a bike half way up a narrow ramp because of faulty footing. I used and still have a full width heavy duty ATV ramp that works well loading a bike in the back of my long bed Dodge Ram using my bed winch with me walking the ramp beside it. Sold my last bike some time ago, so it's been a while using it for that purpose. But the ramp still serves for winching heavy loads up and into that tall truck bed, although I seldom walk up beside them as I did with my bike..
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Re: looking for side covers '05 Az4x4 10/01/20 03:27 PM

Best of luck, Josh, as you seek a source for side plastics that will work on your XT. As Aquaski says, keeping a close eye on eBay is probably your best bet. I imagine they could be 3D printed if you had a pattern to work from - that seems an alternate option that might work..
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