Re: Tucker Carlson.. Muniac 05/31/23 05:11 PM
George - Very good commentary. Thanks for posting it as it says things we need to hear. As for flaws in our constitution and whites having no history, I'd love to see someone post that in China. Tell Xi Jinping he's flawed and has no history. Tell him Mao Zedong's vision of the CCP in 1949 was flawed and see how long it takes the author to be hauled away to a gulag. Some of us forget about how precious our 1st amendment rights are.

The Oxford dictionary defines flawed as blemished, damaged, or imperfect in some way. So being human means being flawed to include all of us on the planet. We do the best we can coping with that. America as an idea, has been referred to as an experimental form of government which exists only here. Some people hate us while others pile in. Being critical of anything is fine but when it lacks ways to fix problems then it's just empty complaints headed nowhere. Cancel culture is a bad and unsustainable idea. Better if we learn history (both good & bad) and use those facts to build a better nation, unite, avoid repeating mistakes and solve problems.

The very XT225 bikes we enjoy riding are flawed in some ways. Do we not ride them because of that? When we do ride are we obsessed with those flaws or do we enjoy where the bikes shine? As for those who are preoccupied with America's flaws (and there are plenty), I'd suggest they live in China for a while or someplace else they believe is less flawed. One current flaw I see is our inability to unite. For those that see America as a noble nation, it's imperative we unite under common causes or we'll lose the nation as we knew it. Some think that loss is a good idea and that America (the flawed nation) needs to be remade. From the naysayers camp, I've not heard one constructive suggestion on how to better this nation. What I do see is censorship repackaged as "content moderation", a government weaponized against the people who elected it, individuals persecuted for political beliefs, name calling, greed and corruption. When the mind is ready a teacher appears. Seems unlikely in the years I have left. I hope those wanting to reboot America find themselves content with their new home.
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