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...I was drawn to the XT225 for its weight and over all great reports of durability/dependability. I dream of using my bike for explorations and shuttle craft responsibilities when on journeys in my 1988 Toyota Sunrader motor home. The bike will be a craft I can take on adventures away from the Mother Ship Sunrader when I have found an ideal camp.

- I acquired an 07 xt225 with 2100 miles on the odometer. Though low in miles, I suspect it has been somewhat neglected. However it shows no signs of abuse (frame, forks, swing arms —all true).....

Welcome to the site. You'll find the XT225 an ideal bike to take with you on your adventuring 'out and abouts' with your Toyota Sunrader. Park the Toyota, set up your camp site, then explore to your heart's content on your XT!

Following up on what FlyinHawaiian said, I'm also a huge fan of Toyotas, having owned six Toyota 4x4 pickups, mostly Tacomas, over the years and still driving the '03 Double Cab SR5 4x4 Tacoma I bought more than 12 years ago. It just turned 150k miles. Other than regular manitainance and common service items it runs as well as it did the day I bought it.

The Sunrader motor home wasn't one of Toyota's 'best sellers' by any means, and the extremely rare 4x4 version had rear axel and suspension design issues right out of the box - something that ended up causing all kinds of problems for serious overlanders, so much so that Toyota finally pulled out of the small motorhome market all together.

Neverhteless, properly set up, with a clear eyed view of what needs to be done to turn the 4x4 Sunrader into a highly capable and equally reliable overland explorer, a few of these machines have far exceeded the OOTB capabilities (and limitations) they originally came with.

No idea whether you're driving the more reliable and less problematic 2WD Sunrader, or if by chance you have a 4x4 Sunrader. Either way, driven within their capabilities and properly set up and cared for these rare beauties still turn heads amongst those who know! ..Plus the XT225 in small trailer or strapped to a 'come along' cycle rack on the rear of the coach is the perfect addition!

Enjoy the site, be safe always, and keep us posted as the adventure continues!..
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