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All registrations are hand reviewed by the administrator prior to approval. This process may occur within minutes or it may take several days. Please be patient. This measure helps to eliminate spammers from participating in the forum. It also weeds the forum of people that have no interest in motorcycle riding or contributing in positive ways. is owned by Muniac, LLC and operated by a riding enthuiast like you. We do not give out any of our registration material for emailing or mass marketing interests. Like you I don't care for this practice so I don't inflict it on others.

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Classified Ads:

As a service to our members both a "selling" and "buying" topic are provided free of charge. This is for personal usage only and intended to help individuals trying to source or sell motorcycles and motorcycle related parts. It is not intended as free advertising for business purposes. Using the "classified" resource for purposes other than private low volume activity will result in being banned from the entire board. USE THESE TOPICS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Although most people are honest, there are a few out there that may rob you blind. If you plan on buying/selling something use good judgement about conducting the transaction. As a buyer, don't wire money without first verifying the "for sale" items and the credibility of the seller. As a seller, make sure to describe items honestly and secure a reliable form of payment prior to transfering the goods. Ship promptly if you have been paid. In short, make sure to fulfill any commitments that were made. Any disputes must be resolved solely between seller and buyer. The forum administrator cannot and will not intervene in any way to resolve any types of disputes other than to delete content and/or ban members. Admin will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from "classified ad" activity. The best way to avoid a dispute is to not let it get started in the first place. Again use good judegment at all times, do your homework and communicate important details clearly.


General Guidelines

By using the forum, you also agree not to post in anyway, shape or form advertisments for products or services connected with your commercial business. This includes but is not limited to pictures, links, ad copy, order taking or hyper links of any kind that steer readers back to your business for the purposes of purchasing your goods or services. If you wish to post an announcement to make readers aware of an up and coming commercial product or service this is fine providing prior arrangements are made with admin. Such an announcement must be limited to a single initial startup product under one business name for one posting. New products thereafter will require a paid advertisment. This includes using the forum to do market research. Please use good judgement when taking advantage of this opportunity and make sure not to turn it into free advertising. There is a place on the site for commercial ads at a nominal monthly fee. Please contact the site administrator for details. On going commercial ads need to go there and be paid for. Violations to this rule will result in deleted posts and possible banning from the forum.


MARKETING on this site is PROHIBITED without prior agreement. Anyone who visits with the intent to market goods or services directly or indirectly to its registered members or unregistered guests, please be advised that MARKETING on this site is PROHIBITED without prior agreement from admin.

Consistent with the policies of other sites of similar size and market coverage, does *not* provide or allow free advertising except as noted in Classifed Ads above.

However it is possible to secure the right to market goods and services
on this site in the form of a commercial membership under the following conditions:

1. We establish via email, voice, or face-to-face communication that
your products and / or services are an appropriate match to members;

2. An agreement outlining the advertising rates and other specific terms of your
marketing campaign is signed by you and a designated representative of;

3. Payment for advertising is received *in advance* prior to the
commencement of a banner advertising or text advertising campaign;

4. Billing occurs on or about the 1st of every month to cover that month's advertising. Ads starting in the middle of the month will be pro rated to the end of the starting month. Mid month payment is expected at the time your ad is made visible on reserves the right to refuse any marketing proposal for any reason to
include offers which are not a perfect match for the scope of the site and its readership, and the *only* product marketing or advertising allowed on is that which itself determines to be appropriate.

Advertising inquiries are always welcome and paid advertising helps support this site. When possible, please support the site by purchasing products from XT225 advertisers. In other words support those that help support you.

Product Reviews:

Product reviews are very helpful to those considering a specific product for purchase. It's best not to flame products if possible. Pass negative feedback along in constructive ways and/or privately to the source. Positive feedback should be given with first hand factual knowledge. If you have used a product in special ways or in adverse conditions it's good to mention this. If you've modified a product to fit an application provide details. encourages product reviews under the following rules:

1) You must have purchased, installed and used the product(s) you are reviewing. Samples and free merchandise cannot be reviewed.

2) Products must be finished professional goods.

3) Conduct beta testing privately with the product's provider.

4) DO NOT post beta test results and preliminary impressions on without prior permission from admin.

Reviews are a form of adversiting and, as such, may be abused. Non-commercial members of who are former advertisiers still running an active business and currently selling their products to members or guests are not allowed to participating in the reviews associated with their formerly adverstised product(s). Former advertisers needing to communicate with review authors need to go through email and/or the PM (Private Message) system. reserves the right to determine if a specific product review is out of place or occurs too frequently. If a review is suspicious or "loaded", reserves the right to remove the post and/or entire thread. Posts (reviews or otherwise) placed on the board strictly to keep a business or product visible in Active Topics will be deleted.


Presently, signatures allow hyper links in the form of other URLs. This capabilty has been provided to link viewers to personal bike pictures, ride reports, group ride information or personal "non commercial" bike related web space. If you are not a commercial member, using hyper links in your signature for adversiting a business (except as noted above) is a violation of protocol. This includes but is not limited to linking to other forums, commercial ads, motorcycle dealers, auctions, travel services, touring companies, motorcycle training, repair services, custom parts, etc. The use of images of any type in signatures is prohibited unless you are a commercial member. If you wish to share this information you may do so once in the text associated with a single posting. Please comply with all rules so that everyone's freedom remains intact. Repeated violations of this rule will result in being banned from posting on the board.

Hyer links to businesses owned by non-commercial members that are still selling their products to members and guests are not allowed. These former commercial members need to renew their commercial membership status. Please check your profile and make any adjustments required to your signature to ensure it complies with board rules and current conditions. Failure to do so may result in being banned from the board or loss of your hyper link privileges.

Linking To

On a friendly non-commercial basis please feel free to use the link in your site's content. Non-commercial motorcycle blogs, personal web pages and hobby content are good places to share the link. Thanks in advance for sharing our community with others interested in the XT series bikes. Sharing links, in a respectful manner, is a good way to exchange information with other motorcycle enthusiasts like yourself. If you are operating a commercial site, please contact Admin about linking to content on Commercial members of are welcome to use the link. Expired advertising materials will need special permission, however. Banned members, businesses, agencies and organizations are not permitted to use the link.


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Freedom of speech is one of our most important constitutional rights. The administrator supports this right and encourages it with the following guidlines:

The spirit of this forum is to unite a group that shares a common interest in motorcycle riding and related activities. The forum is a powerful communication tool that is fun, provocative, entertaining, helpful, supportive and educational. Please use good judgement when posting to the forum and make it a positive experience for everyone. Doing so will ensure the health and continued availability of our right to access the internet for speaking out now and for many years to come.